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A Historical March To . . . .

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A Historical March To . . . .

© D. Noland

The year 1942 was not a good one for the citizens of the United States of America, based on well founded fears of losing their country. Still reeling from the emotional uncertainties of a devastating defeat by the attack on the U.S. bases at Pearl Harbor, the American citizens were further disheartened by what seemed to be a nonstop chronicle of bad news. From the defeat in the Philippines and the Bataan Death March, the invasion of U.S. soil in the Aleutian Islands, huge losses in the early North African campaign and the early battles of the Coral Sea, the war was going badly in every theater. Americans were shocked to suddenly realized that their beloved nation could fall and that there was a definite possibility of their living under a dictatorial leadership. The thought of living under the rule of Imperial Japan or the autocracy of Adolf Hitler united the peoples of our Great Republic like never before. With only small bands of exceptions, the citizens came together to build a war machine to fight the combined Axis Powers of Japan, Germany and Italy.

Patriotism and love of the Flag dominated the country. Big name Hollywood stars enlisted in droves. The national and localized radio networks pooled resources to bring the latest news. Farm boys lined up at the county draft board offices to sign up for duty in the Army and Navy. The young men in the cities poured out to training camps in places they had never heard of; Camp Gruber, Camp Young, Camp Toccoa, Camp Lee, Fort Jackson and dozen of others “boot camps” scattered across rural America. Millions of women left their homes and took to the factories to build airplanes, tanks and artillery. Japanese Admiral Isoroku YamamotoI was erroneously quoted as saying after the attack on Pearl Harbor, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant." His actual statement was made in January, 1942 and had to do with the dubious pride in having “smitten a sleeping enemy” that would be so “angered and outraged, he will soon launch a determined counterattack."

One certain truth that is ill remembered, is the fact that it was World War II that brought this country out of the Great Depression, not the leadership and liberal actions of then President Rossevelt. The soup lines that he inherited with his 1933 inauguration were still there when Hirohito bombed Pearl Harbor, eight years later. His actions had done little to further the health and wellbeing of the American citizen but he was an experienced orator. His constant “newscasts” and radio talk programs kept assuring the people that salvation was near though his actions merely plunged the nation further into debt. His early terms of office rekindled the far-leftwing, socialist Progressive Party ideals and policies of federally governed life. Does that all sound familiar?

Admiral Yamamotol certainly had one thing correct. It was a ‘sleeping enemy’, lulled by a Progressive, liberal president and legislature. The United States is again in the same “Progressive” induced nap that they were in prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, this time the bombs didn’t awaken them. They didn’t see the ships floundering in the harbor. They ignored the pacification groups that formed in their own neighborhoods. They failed to notice the flag fluttering to the ground. There was no resounding surge of patriotism or love for our flag. They were so busy taking care of their families, working their jobs and pursuing the “American Dream” that they never even saw it coming. . . . or they actually welcomed the attack they had help orchestrate.

For the last eighty years, the foundation was been slowly being dug out from under our nation. Presidents Rossevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter and Clinton each pulled a portion of our freedoms and ethics away until we became accustomed to gradually loosing them. It had just become a way of life. . . . nothing too big or too dramatic initially, but very steady. Trade treaties and favored nation agreements were made to promote world economies. Environmental policies were altered supposedly for the good of all. Each treaty, each policy change drove more and more of our prosperity offshore with little serious notice from the sleeping citizenry. The ranks of the professionally unemployed and government dependent populace rose at an ever increasing rate but everyone who seriously wanted to work could find employment. Many of those who didn’t want to work found government “jobs” supporting radical socialist organizations under the guise of social reform. A fictitiously created home building industry employed millions, building houses that many of its socially reformed buyers could not afford, all at the insistence of a renewed socialist Progressive legislature.

Finally, in 2008, enough of the “socially reformed” had been indoctrinated into the welfare society that they were able to nominate, elect and inaugurate a socialist president to lead this Great Democracy.

Within twenty-four hours of being handed the leadership of our country, it became a demagoguery. Under the guise of stimulus, in order to recover from a depression that was orchestrated by their own members, our socialist government effectively nationalized our auto industry and our banking industry, replacing their leadership with figureheads of the socialist philosophy. At the same time, our Progressive legislature, at the urging of our president, began the foundations for taking over dominance of another nearly 20% of our national economy by contriving to place the healthcare system under government control. Within weeks, this same government sought to endorse an effort to ratify a totally ill-conceived global warming policy that was clearly an effort to relegate the United States to nothing more than a third world country in a universal, world government.

Not even in 1942 was our country in such jeopardy, in such emanate danger of loosing our freedoms. In comparison, today our enemies have already conquered both shores. In less than a year, our country has been led into a state of socialism from which recovery will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Legislative votes are being bought by taxpayer’s money almost on a daily basis. Pork barrel projects to buy these votes are inflating a federal deficit that will plague our children and their great grandchildren. Residents of Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska and Vermont should bow their heads in shame over what their Senators have done to this Great Nation in the month of December, 2009. Vermont’s independent spirit has been sold for their own tax dollars. Nebraska’s vast farmland has been traded for a federal farm system, Massachusetts, already a largely socialist state, will again simply not understand what has happened to them and the residents of Louisiana will enjoy hundreds of millions in benefits at the expense of our freedom. Vigilant citizens of these states should recall their Senators and remind them of their duties to their constituency and to their country.

None of the debt matters to the president nor the Progressive legislature. It is merely a surreptitious method of subjugating the people to the authoritarian rule. This debt will bankrupt the American citizenry into total federal dependence. That is its design. That is its intent. If it is as successful as it appears it will be, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights will soon be swept away. The absolute first to go will be the second amendment. A successful anarchism cannot have armed citizens. This is one point of history that has not been lost on the current regime. All the people, all the mandates are in place. It is just a matter of presidential edict. Congressional action is not even necessary. It’s called Martial Law. With a Department of Justice that is led by an avid anti-gun crusader, no pro-amendment rights will be recognized. Because of rising unrest caused by gangs of right wing extremists, thugs and gun owning paramilitary and delusional citizen groups, it will be necessary to confiscate privately owned firearms so that an orderly secession of law can be conducted.

2010 is the most important year in the history of the United States of America. Currently, the conservatives of this country have virtually no chance of winning a majority in either of the houses of the legislature in the fall, 2010 elections. The majority of the Progressive incumbent seats in both houses that come up for reelection are from very heavily liberal areas. Freedom’s only chance is to see that we do not loose a single contestable seat to another socialist. Every vote counts in the national elections of 2010. At best, conservatives can only seek to stall dramatic actions for the following two years, in hopes that a “sleeping giant” will have awakened by then to throw out the garbage of Progressivism. It is up to the traditional, unobtrusive men and women of this country to rise up and ensure our nation’s survival. They have the first ten months of 2010 to succeed or fail.

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  1. UGA's Avatar
    Excellent and well said!
  2. Rossi's Avatar
    Well put, and I agree.

    An email bud and I were talking the other night, and I was telling her about my mom who worked at the Douglas plant in Tulsa. She was a welder, later promoted to an Inspector. She told me how desperate those times were....they just didn't know what would happen. What kind of weapons did our country's enemy's have? Was gas going to be used? and what about our puny little military force. The Japs had been building ships and planes since 1930.

    But, they all pressed on. Douglas built the B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber and later the C-47 transports also. She sometimes talked about the stress, and the difficulty staying alert. She was the last one to see the part before assembly, but every one was perfect.....the words "work ethic" must have been invented by some pointy-head intellectual later. These people didn't need shoving....they were tuned in.....a part could fail, just at the time our flyers would need it. People could die if that part failed.

    How squishy some have become. Girlie men, walking the streets of New York with "Man Purses" and the "Metro Sex" Navel-gazing, Can't We All Just Get Along set, makes you wanna' puke.

    In fact, I think a blog thread could be started on that very point. Let me think on that.

  3. Eccentric's Avatar
    Yes, yes, yes, and yes!!!

    I think the most frustrating thing is seeing this all come together over time and being helpless, so far, to stop it and enlighten those that are only interested in "what's in it for me."


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