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  1. What will you do when they come for your guns?

    They can have my guns... One round at a time.
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    Poll: Carrying in prohibited places!

    As a law abiding citizen, I follow all posted signage. We need to set an example to our communities that not only can we be trusted to carry but that we follow the rules of law and respect private...
  3. Tips and more for first time handgun owners/shooters

    Over penetrating is not as much a factor as is just plain missing your target.
    This is some statistical information that was posted by another but I don't think he will mind my re-posting.
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    Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

    For me, it would be my Ruger SR40 loaded with Corbon 135grn ammo.
    16 rounds of searing pain. 1325fps and 526fpe.
    That should wake the dead!
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    Am I A "Gun Snob?"

    I actually started my trek into the world of firearms with most of the crappy pistols that were listed!
    Thankfully, I have come a long way since then.
  6. Tips and more for first time handgun owners/shooters

    Not just ball ammo! Golden Saber 124+ p passed through a door jam, two walls with multiple ricochets!
    I'm still doing the patch work from it!
    It was not an AD, it was a ND.
    I violated safety...
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    Welcome David White

    Thank you for the warm welcome! Looking forward to some good conversation and information!
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