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Thread: Asp batons

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    I DID like what James Earl Jones' character said to Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams";

    "I gonna beat you with this tire iron until you leave me alone!":D

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    Oklahoma, possibly even more conservative than Texas, also bans civilian use of the ASP or any similar devise. They were banned, ironically, by exactly the same law that allowed concealed carry licenses. It relates to strongarm robberies. At one time, these and other forms of clubs were a favorite tool for parking lot thugs and other misfits. They wouldn't be my choice for defense because of age. Most who might threaten me are probably in better shape than I am and the ASP relies heavily on conditioning when in defensive use.
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    Default How Quick Are You?

    As a police officer and I was discussing an alternatives to a concealed gun he advocated a concealed gun. His point was if an assailant is within 15' of you and decides to rush you will barely have time to draw and fire and that is if you are reasonably trained in doing so.

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