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Thread: "The Dangers Of Intervention"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkivMarine View Post
    I've never been accused of being "WISE" before.

    "The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental."
    John Steinbeck

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    LEOs don't carry firearms to defend citizens, they carry them to defend themselves.

    I carry for SELF-defense, not community defense.

    Does that mean I wouldn't defend someone else if their life was in danger? Of course not. However my first priority is Me, my family if with me, and that's about it. My job is to survive and be a good witness.

    Is this hard for me? Yes. I have been trained my entire adult life to "run toward the sound of gunfire," not away.

    An extreme situation, such as an active shooter who was gunning people down would require, in my world anyway, a more direct response. If it's not my business I try to keep out of it.
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    interesting thread.

    Intervention is very dangerous and is pretty far down my protection list. First is my family, then personal protection, then is requested assistance by a police officer, and only then, consideration of an outsider.

    Briefly put.... the third person arriving at a two-person confrontation, is the least informed person of the three. Even a police officer as #3 might have a little heads up from the dispatcher.... the civilian shooter is at an incredible disadvantage. There are, very rare well-considered interventions.... but a sweeping generality is ...... don't.

    My advise.... keep a charged cell phone handy, and SEE everything.


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