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Thread: AR-15 for home protection?

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    Question AR-15 for home protection?

    I read an article about the use of an AR-15 in home protection. Has anyone else heard of this? Sounds like a bad idea with over penetration to me.
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    Default Ar-15?

    A short carbine model with frangible ammo maybe?... I'm not sold on it though. I'll stick to my handgun.

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    I still think a shotgun is the best for home protection. But if the zombies ever come knocking at your door then ar-15 all the way

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    There should be more specifics in this. Is your house in the country? Is it an apartment? With a house away from other homes, no kids in the house, I would. In an apartment, no. If I'm shooting to defend my life, a little sheetrock repair is the last of my worries.

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    Nah. And heres why:

    At my range I have a recycling target set up. You know, the ones that spin up then reset when you shoot the top stationary target.

    They are 1/2" thick lead each paddle. My wife and I took the AR out there when we first got it and placed a 4 or 5 inch thick Graingers catalog in front of it. We shot for a while and when she was shooting I kept feeling my legs (with jeans) getting pelted with something. It was lead being blown back at me from a distance of 75', thru the catalog. The lead was from the paddles obviously. I went and inspected the paddles to find the .223 rounds were pushing out the backsides of the target.

    You use a AR-15 for home defense you better be way out in the boonies with no neighbors or animals anywhere near!!! You are gonna go thru walls, and probably brick...

    Nope, not me fellas. I'll stick with a handgun. Shotgun is even better.
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    Default M4 for Home Defense

    I have an M4 (.223 carbine) and I wouldn't even consider using it for home defense. Even if I lived back in KY where I grew-up. It could travel more than a mile and strike an innocent neighbor. I can't believe that LA SWAT teams think they need fully auto and 3-round burst M4s. It seems truly irresponsible for LE to use any carbine they are not totally controlling the bullet until it stops. I believe if you fire a bullet you own it until it stops.

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    Thumbs down Over penetration

    Quote Originally Posted by rljohns View Post
    I believe if you fire a bullet you own it until it stops.
    That is a fact man, I don't want any over penetration. It's a scary thought!:eek:
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    Home protection

    Although I carry a handgun on me 24/7, my primary home defense gun is a Remington 870 with the short barrel. I live out inthe country and have no kids at home so I am not worried about going through walls. I just like the idea of buckshot hitting someone rather than a single bullet. I alternate number 4 shot with double 00 when I load her up.

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    I just got a Mossberg 590 pump shotgun in 12 gauge. I got the 21" barrel with a full length tube. I can put one up the spout, 8 in the tube, and there are holes in the stock that hold 4 more, giving me 13 rounds on board if I load it all the way. I'm just keeping 5 in the tube though. I'm loaded up with 00 buckshot. I thought about getting a smaller buckshot like No. 4 buckshot, but the guy I bought the gun from is a 00 fan, so I got that.

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    While I like the idea of an AR-15, I wouldn't use it in the home and would probably keep it in a vehicle's locked box as it would be poifect out in the world....not in the home. Good for hunting, perhaps although a bit heavy for that....huntin two legged varmints! ;)

    Although the .223 rifle that I am coinsidering lately is the Kel-Tec SU-16b
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