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Thread: thats my story and sticking to it.

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    Default thats my story and sticking to it.

    Last week, I went shooting with a couple friends and my lady friend cookie. well cookie is cross dominant being right handed and left eye dominant. while she was shooting my AR-15 with a scope attached she naturally put her whole face across the rifle and after a few shots, the scope gave her a goose egg on her cheek that turned into a really good black eye. at first she enjoyed being able to say "oh my eye" so that I would run and get her a cup of coffee when she wanted one.... she was working on my feeling bad for not protecting her better. while i was at work one day she decided to go to wally world and while she was shopping an older couple came up to her and patted her on the arm saying "honey you don't have stay there, there are places you can go". at first she did not know what they were talking about but finally figured out that they assumed someone had punched her ..naturally her denials and saying it was her fault went with understanding looks of skepticism .. so she finally gave up trying to make them understand and left wally world swearing not to go back until her eye got better.
    About the same time, I was scratched pretty good at work by a very disturbed and violent young lady so between her black eye and my scratched up arm .. we have been hiding in the house for the past week. My suggestion to you guys that take women shooting is to make sure they wear football helmets with full face shields rather than be looked at and spit at like some kind of abuser.

    But the up side is that when cookie teases me lately, i have started using the term ... "Don't make me give you another black eye" and we both laugh hysterically.
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    Ah yes, the memories, and marks, left behind by scope-kiss.
    "The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental."
    John Steinbeck

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    Geez, what a violent week! I would suggest contactating your senator and representative to see if they would initiate some legislation to prevent these things EVER happening to ANYONE in the future. We can legislate Utopia, right?

    On a more serious side, OUCH!!!!!!!!
    Human beings understand and respect compassion, kindness, empathy, truth, fairness and logic.
    Predators respect strength

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    OMG Bebo, now that is just funny as hell. I'm gonna have to find Michele a helmet, she will definitely wonder why
    R.I.P. Zachary, 6/19/95-10/25/12

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    You can't fix "I told you so" either.
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