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Thread: Size Does Matter...some rambling thoughts

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    Icon12 Size Does Matter...some rambling thoughts

    Okay, get your minds out of the gutter. Maybe it would be more specific to say that (IMHO) weight matters, too. Let me explain...

    This afternoon, I was able to spend some time at the range (and am ashamed to admit that it is the first time in a very long time ). It was a very windy day and my two friends were not shooting worth a darn...they were blaming it on the wind (thunderstorms all around and it was very windy). Both women were shooting small, light weight a Ruger 9mm semi-auto (don't recall exactly which one) and the other a feather weight Ruger LCR .38 pistol. I didn't think the wind was that much of a factor because even though my shooting wasn't up to par, it wasn't too bad considering the only time I had picked up a pistol in the last year was to re-qualify for my CHL three months ago...and we all know the CHL range test hardly ranks as real practice! Anyway, long story short...they were amazed at how well I could shoot in all the wild wind. I then made the all but fatal (for my ego anyway) mistake...I let them shoot my HK. Dang if they both didn't shoot almost as good as I did. They were astounded! They couldn't understand how they could shoot so much better with my gun than theirs. I explained a bit about the weight and size of the gun...for me anyway, it gives me something to hold onto.

    The one friend with the Ruger semi-auto was talking about the realllllly long trigger pull and I noticed that her trigger finger was catching all the way past the first knuckle...don't know how she shoots that thing. The lady with the revolver...the only way she can hold it is to "tea cup" it. Now, honestly, I haven't shot a revolver since I was a kid...but it just didn't look right...or natural. But there was no room for her left hand. I encouraged both ladies to locate and utilize qualified shooting instructors to help them figure out if there were ways to improve their shooting ability with their little guns.

    As for me, I too have a little gun and know my accuracy is not good past 5-7' with my little Bonds Derringer...however, my little baby was only intended to be an up close and personal weapon. Longer range...or more rounds...calls for my HK. The HK is a bit harder to conceal than the derringer; however, I have learned to wear the clothing comes with the territory of being a CHL carrier. What I do know is that regardless of which weapon I'm carrying, if it is ever needed, it will not be a good day for anything on the receiving end...

    (warned you at the beginning this would be rambling....)



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    Excellent points RKB.

    Smaller, lighter handguns require MORE practice and dedication if they're chosen for primary CCW.

    I'm an Old-School Dawg, and had to qualify on a timed course out to 25 yards with every handgun I carried. No special exceptions were made for size, barrel length, or weight. If we carried one on an ankle, we had to go through the course drawing it from the ankle holster, again with no exceptions made for time or accuracy. You either qualified or you didn't.

    I quickly came to the realization that I needed to practice much more often with my smaller and lighter handguns than I had to with my duty-size handguns. The duty-size handguns with their superior size, weight, and sight radius were simply easier to shoot.

    Whenever a novice asks me , "What's the best handgun for concealed carry?", my answer is always the same. "The one you can shoot the best."

    After 30 years I know this. If I do my job (practice!), my S&W J's will easily do theirs.
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