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Thread: Olympians Face Ban for Gun Photo

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    Cool Olympians Face Ban for Gun Photo


    Gun Photo Forces Olympians to leave London, and be Banned from social media

    By Chris Chase

    By Chris Chase | Fourth-Place Medal – Mon, Jun 11, 2012 1:29 PM EDT

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    Frightening from the aspect that this globalistic fear of guns in any way, shape or form has really come to pass and the world's governments have totally brainwashed their respective populations. I'm thinking that London should never have been considered as a suitable site for the Olympic games due to the violence that occurs at that country's soccer games. I know the gun laws in Australia, apparently they allowed themselves to be flushed all the way down the toilet and they're lost somewhere in the sewer system. I thought that by now they would have woken up. Not so. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Baaaaaaaaaaaa.
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