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Thread: $22.5M Order For The M45 (1911) For The Marines

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    Icon11 $22.5M Order For The M45 (1911) For The Marines

    You can't keep a good gun down as evidenced by the a new U.S. Marine order with Colt Defense for over $22,000,000 worth of new 1911s for supplying 12,000 Marines with the new tan M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistol to replace the M9. (And it's made in the U.S.A.)

    Colt 1.jpg
    If Obama is the answer, the question must have been really stupid!
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    Great Gun!...but I now wonder how many Marines are going to have an accident with a single action pistol?...the only way to prevent that would be to not chamber a round or train with putting the slide safety on and off.
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    LUV my 1911s, and luv everything about 1911 history. REALLY LUV the .45ACP as a duty caliber.

    That said, I seriously doubt going with a Colt 1911 .45ACP was a decision based on strict torture-test criteria, like pounding hundreds of rounds through the pistols when they're already dirty, hot, and soaking wet, without access to cleaning. If such testing was done, I'd like to see the results where the Colt 1911 actually out performed the Glock .45ACP, the XDM .45ACP, the H&K .45ACP, and the M&P .45ACP. The reason why we'll never see any such documentation is because it simply can't happen and doesn't exist. I smell a purely political-lobbying rat here.

    I LUV my Colt 1911s, but if I was being dropped in the jungle, desert, mountains, or woods TODAY, there's several better choices in .45ACP I'd choose for keeping my butt alive in any survival situation.
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