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Thread: Pregnant Woman Kills Rapist

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    Icon14 Pregnant Woman Kills Rapist

    I want this woman on my prepper bug-out team.

    Woman shoots and DECAPITATES rapist who made her pregnant before dumping his severed head in village square

    • Woman cut off rapist's head before declaring: 'That is the head of one who toyed with my honour'
    • Mother-of-two, 26, had been 'abused for months' by attacker before she took revenge

    By Allan Hall

    A pregnant rape victim in Turkey shot and decapitated her attacker then left his severed head in the square of her local village.

    The woman, five months pregnant, is demanding authorities let her have an abortion even though she is way beyond the ten week limit allowed for terminations in Turkey.

    When police arrested her near to the severed head she said; 'That is the head of one who toyed with my honour.'

    Womens' groups in Turkey have praised her as a heroine. It turned out that the woman, aged 26 and a mother-of-two, had been abused by her attacker for months before she took her revenge and was being blackmailed.

    The woman even said she is prepared to die as long as she is allowed to have the abortion, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.

    The rapist had taken nude photos of her and threatened to send them to her parents unless she continued sleeping with him.

    She took a gun and shot him ten times, several times in his private parts, before cutting off his head and hurling it into the village square at Yalvac.

    The man was also reportedly stabbed in the abdomen after he was shot.

    'He kept saying that he would tell everyone about the rape,' she reportedly said during her testimony.
    'My daughter will start school this year.
    'Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can. I saved my honour,' she added.
    'They will now call children the kids of the woman who saved her honor.'
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    Wow...if more women in that part of the world would do similar I bet their situation in life would change drastically. They may die, but their daughters would benefit tremendously. God Bless this woman.



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    This noble lady did what she needed to do...too bad that it was gross to needed to be done!
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    New meaning to the phrase "hard woman".

    I offer no editorial comment, but there is also a case for a rape victim carrying the baby to term. A case in point is Fox New Channel's Kelly Wright.


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