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Thread: Evidence of increased gun & ammo sales?

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    The fact that the NRA donated $4,000 to Reid's last committee rotted me NO end. I did, however, renew my membership for another three years recently. You're right, Suncat05, Harry Reid is a serious piece of trash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat05 View Post
    The Sandy Hook shooting has brought the 'gun control gremlins' out in force. Watched the Imposter-in-Chief at his gun control speech yesterday, but after looking over the 23 items he signed Executive Orders on, truthfully the only one that bothers me is the one about doctors not having to worry about asking their patients if they own any guns.
    To which everyone in their right minds answer should be "No, I don't own any guns. Why do you ask?" Or......... "And if I do? What damned business is it of yours?" Or the ever popular "I am going to find another doctor now!"
    Truthfully, I do not believe there is a consensus among many sitting Congressmen/Senators that think this is a good battle to undertake. But they are politicians, so you never know for sure with them. One thing that did kind of piss me off though was how he is now trying to co-opt the idea of more police officers/armed security officers in schools as his idea when the NRA, GOA, and the NAGR has been talking about this real need for years.
    One other item of interest here, kind of off topic: Those who are NRA members need to start putting some serious heat on the NRA Board to stop funding that piece of trash Harry Reid. This guy might be a good gun guy(which I seriously really doubt because he IS a politician first!), but he is honestly a bad American that has NEVER, EVER really represented his state of Nevada or the overall interests of the American people in any positive way. What makes me say that? Oh, let's start with Obamacare, and then all of his obfuscations over "Fast & Furious", how about since being the Majority Leader he has NEVER submitted a budget or allowed a vote on a budget? Or his love affair with the labor unions in Nevada?
    Folks, we have to get this guy GONE from the SENATE. He barely won his last election, but he did because of........wait for it.......wait for it.......his "A" rating from the NRA! Seriously? The NRA has this guy rated an "A"? So let's start bringing some serious heat to the NRA to clean up their act and drop this turd like a hot potato!

    Okay......... rant over!
    Suncat is right on the money...but that extreme libtard harry reid knows where his votes are and they are not with the "hand-me-outs" but with the gun enthusists of Nevada. He has already stated that he will not intriduce any legislation that will not pass the senate, much less the "conservative" House of Representatives!
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