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Thread: Best States for Personal Freedom

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    Icon6 Best States for Personal Freedom

    Funny how the most anti-2A states in our country find themselves to also be the states with the least personal freedoms. Throughout history there has always been a direct connection between the loss of freedom and liberty for citizens and the surrendering of more power to the arrogant government elite who actually believe we're so stupid that they have to protect us from ourselves. States Ranked on Economic, Personal Freedom

    States Ranked on Economic, Personal Freedom PRWeb – Sat, Mar 30, 2013
    This week, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University released "Freedom in the 50 States," including full state rankings on economic and personal freedom.

    Arlington, VA (PRWEB) March 29, 2013 State policies that limit economic and individual choices can have a profound impact on everyday citizens. With this in mind, "Freedom in the 50 States"—published this week by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University—provides the most comprehensive analysis available ranking states based on their economic and personal freedom. North Dakota comes out on top in this year’s index as the most free state in the country, followed by South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma.
    New York is ranked as the state with the least liberty, due in large part to its high taxes, government debt, and poor economic regulation. California (49) doesn’t fare much better, and New Jersey (48), Hawaii (47), and Rhode Island (46) round out the bottom five. Overall Freedom Index Rankings:

    1. North Dakota

    2. South Dakota

    3. Tennessee

    4. New Hampshire

    5. Oklahoma

    6. Idaho

    7. Missouri

    8. Virginia

    9. Georgia

    10. Utah

    11. Arizona

    12. Montana

    13. Alaska

    14. Texas

    15. South Carolina

    16. Indiana

    17. Delaware

    18. Alabama

    19. Colorado

    20. Nevada

    21. New Mexico

    22. Nebraska

    23. Florida

    24. North Carolina

    25. Iowa

    26. Kansas

    27. Kentucky

    28. Oregon

    29. Washington

    30. Massachusetts

    31. Pennsylvania

    32. Arkansas

    33. Ohio

    34. Minnesota

    35. Michigan

    36. Wyoming

    37. Louisiana

    38. Wisconsin

    39. Maine

    40. Connecticut

    41. Mississippi

    42. West Virginia

    43. Vermont

    44. Maryland

    45. Illinois

    46. Rhode Island

    47. Hawaii

    48. New Jersey

    49. California

    50. New York

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