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Thread: Ammo Shortage

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    Question Ammo Shortage

    I have just finished reading my 27th definitive article on the reason for the current ammo shortage. This one claims that the Boswallian Secret Service has trained a team of Lofision monkeys to sniff out ammo on commercial carriers as they pass through U. S. truck stops. The ammo is then high jacked and secreted away to be ground up and used as fertilizer to grow pigmy turnips. I have come to believe that this is the real reason that I can’t even steal a brick of 22LR… and I have noticed that the price of pigmy turnips has dropped dramatically.

    I have never before experienced a more diverse assortment of conspiracy theories in my life than what has been purported for this latest shortage. The shortage of four years ago was readily explained as a legitimate, consumer-generated reaction to political events. This time, no one is that certain for the reason. The fact that .22LR ammo is approaching the world’s scarcest commodity and that .40 S & W is not that difficult to come by, just adds to the confusion. It’s even hard to find rimfire snap caps.

    Does anyone out there have any theories of their own or know of a second or third hand theory that they would like to share? Has a vast new “prepper” network been created that is sucking up the supply? Is hording the answer? Is your government really restraining trade?

    Concerned readers want to know!
    If Obama is the answer, the question must have been really stupid!
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    Talking Hey, hey, it's the Monkeys!

    Oh, I don't know...kinda like the Lofision monkeys story. If a new rumor or conspiracy theory is going to get started it may as well be interesting!



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    My slightly educated, and I mean very slightly, guess is...1) 9mm is the ammo of choice for most SD people, so it is the first to go in any quantity, 2) .22LR is an "extended" primer, so most of the companies that are making primers also make .22LR loaded ammo. Their money is better well spent in making centerfire primers for factory loaded ammo instead of .22LR cartridges...MTCW.
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    I think there are a number of reasons that all combine to form a situation that is way beyond tiresome. Those late to the party are/were stocking up on whatever they can get their hands on is one. The massive orders from the department of homeland insecurity is undoubtedly a contributor, the overall picture of the state of the country from an economic, foreign policy and domestic policy standpoint and undoubtedly many, many other things. When everything is taken into consideration, the picture is anything but rosy and the anxiety level across the country is very elevated.

    Unless people are DIRECTLY affected by something pitched at them from the murky pond of slime that is being imposed upon the American people they continue to believe that personal events and aspects of their own lives are the only things that are important. There's also the inability to look at ALL the pieces in a puzzle and put them together so that the entire picture can be seen. The house has to completely fall down around their ears before they'll wake up and they'll be the loudest howlers out there when it does happen.

    I just heard that there's plenty of ammo being made, people just have to get off the panic train (it was mentioned that some people are buying calibers for guns they don't even own) and not scarf up anything that comes in brass with a pointy projectile on the end. Whether this is true or not, I don't know. Like I said, beyond tiresome.
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    FWIW, you just CANNOT find a brick of .22LR around here anywhere. Other calibers are in short supply too, but no .22LR at all. Now, you can get bird shot all day long........

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