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Thread: After a shooting

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    Default USCCA Card

    I joined US Concealed Carry Assoc. a few months ago and enclosed in my new member packet was a wallet card to give to LEO if you ever had to use deadly force. I hope if I ever have to use DF I can have my whits about me enough to give this card to the LEO.

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    Default after shooting trauma ...

    There is little more that I can add to this thread but perhaps suggest a couple things .. I always carry a mini video camera that is about the size of a cigg. lighter and it might be helpful to video the scene as soon as possible so that there is a record of witnesses and the scene .. you do not have to give the video to investigating officers but it may help your attorney. Cell phones have the picture and video function and they would be helpful as well.
    Good people who have to protect themselves will tend to feel "Guilty" for taking another life even when it is required to protect themselves ... often there will be self doubt about "maybe there was some other way this could have come down?" ...often they will want to try to explain out of a sense of wishing some other action could have been taken, hoping for reassurance that the action was required with no other course of action possible..... generally the police are not the people who will reassure that the action was justified so waiting to talk with lawyer or priest or minister is best .. talking with others will make them subject to being questioned under order from the court so do not confide in anyone that can be subject to repeating your comments under oath, not a good place for friends or family to be placed.
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    If it isnít already posted somewhere on the site could we add Rossi's links to our "what to do after shooting" area?

    Also, maybe there is a way to send a link to that page to new joins. Because even if they only visit the site once, or join and never or rarely post, if they have access to protect themselves legally after they legally defend themselves the mission of this board is met. Sometimes people just donít know how or where to look for such info and I say that if all new joins get a PM or something saying "Hey welcome to the forum, glad you joined and in case you arenít planning on staying check out these links and articles, they may save your life"

    I think that this post and this topic is quite possibly the most important one in the entire CCW world. If you have gone to the trouble of getting your CCW permit you are already thinking along certain lines, however I do not know if most people are prepared for the aftermath.

    I cannot stress how important I believe knowing and exercising your rights are.
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