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Thread: FINALLY! A holster made for women!

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    Default FINALLY! A holster made for women!

    Did you know there is finally a women's holster that is actually made for a woman? The new LOTUS is designed by women for women and it is about time! It looks comfortable and is reported to conceal small/medium sized semi-autos and revolvers.

    Girls, check it out...I believe this may very well be my next purchase!



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    R.K. Please pass along the analysis once you get the holster and give it a try. Also, you may want to try the crossbreed apendix is not specifically designed for women, but I think it will work great. My wife has one on order. I will post her analysis. It will another 6 weeks before we get the holster, so 8-10 weeks before an analysis...but I will post one when complete.
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