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Thread: Why no members?

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    Siren Why no members?

    I just came across this site and I cant figure out why there are not a lot more people on here. Do we need to mention this site on other forums so people know about it? I like the name of this site but I did run across it by accident thinking is was about a dog.

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    I'll take the blame Zeke. I haven't put much into the site in quite some time and I haven't advertised commercially. The recent hack of hundreds of Vbulletin sites recently including mine has me pretty fired up and ready to get rolling... This site was completely destroyed. In the process of trying to repair it I realized it was pointless. I deleted the entire server and pulled a miracle out of my pocket with back ups. It made me realize what it means to me and the work I've put in to build it. I'll stir it up.
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