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Thread: Who would you really vote for?

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    Question Who would you really vote for?

    I was wondering if someone admitted pot use and partying while young and no longer does it if they could get a vote for president. Would you rather hear the same political crap or an honest,REAL American wanting their country back for the future of their offspring? Touchy subject I know,but I was asked the question and thought I would see the response of you all.

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    Hmmm... I could vote for someone that admitted to using pot in their youth, it would be their political stance and track record that I'd be most interested in. If it were public knowledge of all the high paid business men/women, polititians, CEO's, Judges, and other authority types that have used pot and/or currently use pot, I think it would be very long list....
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    My personal opinion, pot use as a youth is most likely the least of the things we should be concerned about. When something like this is brought up I think "smoke screen" (no pun intended). Seems to be an easy diversion. So, like UGA, I would be trying to look deeper.

    Good question!


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