Make a mental note, the Video Directory link has been moved to the community links in the navigation bar. I may place another in the navigation modules.

Oh, by the way... I'm merging the content of the ASD main site, here to this server that the forum is on. That's why you may see some realignment of links and modules. By combining the two, I can provide more dynamic content and a better environment for user participation and cut costs at the same time.

This could take weeks or months to do in my spare time, to fully integrate them.

When it is finished, the site may go offline for a day for server updates, I'm not sure...

When it comes back online, the URL will be different. I will immediately send emails to all members with details, + I will give more details as we approach this event.

(Basically, it will no longer be forum.americansheepdog[dot-com] it will be the url of the main site americansheepdog[dot-com] with a different sub-folder)