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Thread: Almost shot neighbor

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    Almost shot neighbor

    This happened a while back, but I will tell it anyway. About 4 months ago one night, my wife and me were watching T.V. whenever my cell phone rang. It was my mom. She lives about 60 yards from us on our property so that we can keep an eye out for her.Anyway she said that she thought that someone was outside of her house messing around and wanted me to check it out.
    I walked down preparing myself for a coon or opossum trying to get in her trash on her back porch. Whenever I was about halfway there, a gunshot went off behind her house. I pulled my pistol and grabbed my surefire flashight out of my pocket and proceeded slowly.
    When I got about 10 yards from her house, the motion light kicked on and I could see her front yard real well. Still moving slowly,I walked towards her front porch. About that time a guy came around the side of her house and he couldnt see me because the light was in my favor. He had a hoodie on and as he walked closer I shouted one more step and your are a dead man.
    He threw his pistol on her porch held up his hands and started shouting its me, its me.
    It was a neighbor man from up our road and he said that as he was coming home he seen a couple of dogs trying to get in the trash. He said he got his pistol and snuck down there so he could burn them with some 357 magnum birdshot.
    After he composed himself he grabbed his gun and went home and I did the same. After I told my wife what was going on I started shaking like a leaf.
    Just to think that I was one step from shooting a man. Now that makes you think.
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    Lesson Learned: Call your neighbor before (!!!) going onto their property wearing a hood while carrying a gun.

    It looks like you handled yourself well.
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