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Thread: SIG SAUER SP2022 review

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    SIG SAUER SP2022 review

    I promised this review back in June, but you know how that goes...

    I was looking to buy a 9mm pistol with at least a 15 round magazine. After a lot of research, I whittled my list down to the Springfield XD-9 or the GLOCK 19. I went to a local gun store to check them out, see how they fit my hand, inspect fit and finish etc. While I was there I saw a Sig Sauer that was $500 -the same price as the XD and $30 less than the GLOCK. I was surprised because I have shot a few SIG'S in the past and I am a big fan, but they have always been priced out of my range - that is to say there is always another gun that will do the job for a lot less than the SIG.

    I held the SIG and fell in love. It felt awesome and looked far better than the XD or the GLOCK (in my ever so humble opinion;)).

    I posted my find on this forum (as any truly responsible potential gun buyer would) to see if anybody had any stories that would impact my decision one way or another. Everyone seemed to have good things to say about the gun, although some people were not willing to stand behind their recommendation.:eek:

    Quote Originally Posted by JavamanX View Post
    now for the disclaimer: These comments were made solely on my own accord, I profess no mastery nor do I claim to know very much about firearms. In the event that you buy the gun and donít like it based on my mostly amateurish comments please donít blame me.
    I decided to go ahead and buy the SIG that I always wanted!

    Here she is:
    click to expand-

    When I hold the gun, I notice a few things-
    First, it feels very good in the hand, of course that is subjective. It has an overall feel of quality - something that I don't usually feel when holding a polymer gun. I know there are a lot of quality polymer guns, but this one seems to feel as good as my Kimber.

    The grip has a strange "fingers in the bathtub too long" pattern on it that provides an excellent amount of grip without being harsh or looking cheap.

    The trigger guard is longer than I am accustomed to. When holding the gun with my trigger finger straight to the side, the front of the trigger guard just touches the pad of my finger, making it very easy to transition from "at the ready" to "finger on the trigger". A person with short fingers might not be able to touch the front of the guard at all.

    As you might have noticed in the "exploded" view, the grip actually slides off (with a bit of trouble), so you can put on a different size grip to accommodate your hand. I found the stock grip to work fine for me.

    The gun comes stock with tritium night sights - a first for me. The sights are fantastic. They seem to be just the right size and shape. Also, the night sights make it really easy to find the gun on my nightstand in the dark.

    Random Info:
    The SP2022 is a 9mm double single. You can buy a part from SIG for around $40 to convert it to a DOA. I have not decided if I will convert it or not.

    It seems to be more 1911 than Glock. It disassembles just like a 1911. That is not necessarily a good thing - the XD and GLOCK are much easier to field strip, but if you are familiar with stripping a 1911 as I am, you will have it apart in seconds. If you are not used to stripping a 1911, then expect the first time to take a little while.

    The SP2022 is not striker fired like most poly guns. I love this. Sorry, I guess it's just the 1911 lover in me.

    The SIG weighs more than the GLOCK or the XD, but it weighs far less than a metal framed gun of similar size. I have no complaints about the weight when carrying it.

    As you saw in the picture above, it has a 15 round magazine.

    It has a decocker lever between the slide catch and the magazine release. This allows you to safely let the hammer down for carrying. You would not really want to carry this gun in "condition 1" since it has no manual safety and because it is a double action so it is not necessary to carry in "condition one" like with a 1911. Instead you carry in condition "pull the trigger and it goes bang".

    I need to correct myself here. It does in fact have one manual safety. To activate it, you take your finger off of the trigger and out of the trigger guard. Now it is guaranteed not to go off - just like any other gun. Don't pull the trigger and it won't go off.

    The magazine fits very snugly. It does not slip in and click as easily as the Kimber does. It is not hard to insert, it just requires a bit more firmness than my other guns. The magazine on the Kimber can be pushed in with one finger where the SIG requires a thumb. It might just be because it is new.
    The shooting:
    Ohhhhh the shooting!:D
    Thank you Sig Sauer! This gun is a smooth as a kitten licking butter off of a marble counter top!

    The trigger is undoubtedly the best I have had the pleasure to squeeze and the action almost feels like the recoil of a pellet gun. Double and triple taps have never been this easy.

    The accuracy was top notch and the grip angle made point and shoot a breeze.

    Needless to say, I couldn't be happier with this gun's performance.

    I might note here that I have found the 1911 trigger pull too short for comfort. I like to preload the trigger before shooting. The SIG is better at this than any gun I have shot. I can load the trigger right up to the breaking point every single time. It has a very natural feel to it. If you like the classic feel of the 1911 trigger, then this gun may have more travel and require more pressure than you prefer.

    The grip angle of a Glock seems to have been designed to make shooting difficult for me. I know that is really more a matter of anatomy then preference. Some people pick up a GLOCK and get all giddy because the grip angle makes them shoot like a pro. Others like myself and most (not all) of the 1911 faithful, feel much more natural with a more upright grip like the one on SIG's (and almost every other gun that is not a GLOCK).

    Here is my new "Shado" holster.

    While I cannot comfortably carry in a IWB super tuck or in a smart carry, I find that OWB is very comfortable and concealable. To each his own. I carry this full size gun fully concealed and you can't see it unless you know it's there. I am sure most other people would look like they were trying to hide a shot gun if they carried like this, but if you do have the opportunity to carry OWB and you are in the market for a holster, you have got to try this brand from Rays holsters.

    This is my second one - the first was for my Kel-Tec PF-9.

    The holsters are only $35 and they are top notch! When I ordered the first one for the Kel Tec, I was expecting to get what I paid for - a cheap holster. When it arrived in the mail, I was surprised to find a high quality, slick leather holster. (I have no personal connection to this company)

    Well, that is about it for now....
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    Thanks Decline for sharing this with us. Good job!:D
    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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    Good info indeed. Thanks. BJ

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    Default sig pistols

    Hello, do sig pistols have a lifetime warranty? I am considering the sp 2022. The pdf manual of the sp 2022 that I downloaded shows that it has only a one year warranty.However, the sig website states that all sig pistols are warrantied , for the original owner, for the life of the pistol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean57 View Post
    Hello, do sig pistols have a lifetime warranty? I am considering the sp 2022. The pdf manual of the sp 2022 that I downloaded shows that it has only a one year warranty.However, the sig website states that all sig pistols are warrantied , for the original owner, for the life of the pistol?
    Welcome to the forum dean57! Feel free to stick around!

    per the handbook I got with my SIG it says that the gun is under warranty for defects for 1 year which is plenty of time to work out any bugs, not that i have experienced any or heard of any)

    It also states that SIG understands that it is good business to take care of their customers and they imply that if you were to have a problem after the warranty they would take it case by case.

    My manual does not say anything about a lifetime warranty. I went to the website and it does say that their guns have a lifetime warranty but they will honor that at their discretion. It sounds to me like they will take care of you but you cant sue them for not fulfilling a warranty if you are unhappy.

    keep in mind that most good company's, with a name people trust, do not need a fancy long term warranty- there product has a reputation for not needing work. A company that maybe has had some problems in the past or maybe they just are new to the industry has to give people peace of mind with a warranty. a BMW or a Honda have a very short warranty but their customers trust them. A KIA or even Dodge now have a 10 year warranty to sooth buyers nerves. just my two cents.

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