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Thread: Range Time

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    ASD Senior Member bill21's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    SE Tennessee
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    I try to get to the range every other week or so, and normally put 50rnds down the pipe. I alternate between my two carry pistols, the XD-9 sub and Ultra II.

    I might shoot the Glock 21 once or twice a year, as I rarely carry it. (TN allows open carry, and I seldom do that, but when I do, I carry the 21 in a Blackhawk Serpa Duty level III)

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    ASD Member Bip's Avatar
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    I have to agree with SGT T. I was going to the range 2-3 time a week and shooting from the bench at a stationary target. I felt something was missing in what I call my training. If I get into a situation I can promise that there will not be a bench and that the wolf will be going for cover as I will be doing the same. My biggest fear in life is to hurt or kill someone that has done nothing wrong(inocent bystander). So with this thought in my head, I started talking to some local L.E. friends and asked how they train and tried to copy their training at the range. [B]This did not work as it really pissed off the range master. [B] I had explained what and why I wanted to do this and he still got pissed when I started latteral approches with double taps. So I eventually found the IDPA guys, and now that is what I use as training time. The guys that I have shot with have been very helpful and nice. As for the ammo issue, I am now the proud owner of a loading bench that I put 2 stations on(pistol & rifle). I know more than I ever wanted to know about ammo, but I learn something new everytime I reload and that is a plus in mind. Sorry for this being so long, but I just couldnt help to give my thought and how I got there. Maybe someone would pactice more if they had a blast while doing it. It cost 12-17 dollars to compete.
    God, Freedom, & Family-Pick an order, They are all No.1 to me!

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