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Thread: My daughters first range day!

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    Icon14 My daughters first range day!


    I took my 14 year old daughter to the range today for her first handgun experience. I must note that she has been trained to clear and fully disassemble my M4 and Glocks for years now. We'll get to the others later... So after a quick refresher on grip, stance and trigger reset (thru snap cap training periodically over the years), I loaded 2 mags and placed it on the shooters bench and stepped out of her way.

    The first shot at 15 feet was dead center of the chest in the 5X but there was a problem... It stove piped. I cleared the malfunction and placed it back on the bench. Second shot was the same. I cleared it again and rapid fired the remaining 4 rounds with no failures. I quickly realized then it was her, not the weapon, she was limp wristing and causing the jam. I pointed out the issue to her and she quickly overcame it. First time shooter I should've expected it. I had 150 RDS for her to put downrange so we worked it out within the first box of 50. After that it was the basics, relax, sight alignment and smooth trigger pulls. She did very well! The last box we focused on trigger reset. The last 24 RDS I saved for her "take home" target which is what you see here. You'll notice she had much better head shots than center mass. I attribute that to focus on a smaller target. Aim small, miss small right? I never changed the 15 ft distance. Today was about feel for the gun and making it fun. Anyway it was an awesome first day! There will be many more to follow, I'm looking forward to it!

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    Go Bella! Awesome job.


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    Great job! You've taught her well.

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    You are an inspiration to every father on this planet. You taught your daughter something very useful. I hope one day I will train son the basics of firearms and will make him a professional firearms safety training instructor.

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    You know, looking at that shot grouping, please remind me not to make her mad!

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    Good for her! And good for you dad. Your daughter is well on her way to a life of independence and responsibility.

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