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    A year or two ago my father gave me his Lee Enfield 303. I have several Mosin Nagants but this is my first Enfield. It is military surplus and I don't think he ever shot it because its still full of cosmoline. Does anyone have any history with them? I looked around on the internet to get some information. It has the flip up rear tangent sight for long range shooting. Matching serial numbers including the detachable magazine.


    No 4 Mk I* = (The * Asterisk added as opposed to the standard No 4 Mk I) In 1942 during WWII, the No. 4 rifle was further simplified for mass-production with the creation of the No. 4 Mk I*, with the bolt release catch replaced by a simpler notch on the bolt track of the rifle's receiver

    LONG BRANCH = The location of manufacture. It was produced only in North America, by Long Branch Arsenal in Canada and Savage-Stevens Firearms in the USA.

    1944 = Year of manufacture (Obviously )

    I found this interesting video on the 303...
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