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Thread: My friend, Bill (Bebo) Oliver...

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    Default My friend, Bill (Bebo) Oliver...


    How do I describe a friendship with someone I've never met in person or never even heard their voice on the phone? Bill joined us here at American Sheepdog on July 30, 2008. He seemed a little quiet and reserved at first, almost like he was shy. He didn't post much at first. His personality soon broke through and boy did I have him pegged wrong! He was larger than life and had a sense of humor that pulled you in. I personally found myself looking forward to his wit, knowledge and humor everyday here on the website. I can't remember how many times I spit whatever I was eating or drinking on my screen from uncontrollable laughter. And sometimes his posts gave me pause and made me think deeply on the subject. It saddens me to think I'll never have that again. Yesterday, my friend lost his battle with cancer.

    Over the years we communicated and became close. When I had a problem, I saw a different side to him. A compassionate and "I'm here for you, whatever it is" attitude. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer just over two years ago. He gave me encouragement. He spoke of his loss of loved ones to cancer and had very deep feelings on the subject. He soon reached out to my wife and started communicating with her through Facebook. It really made her feel better to hear what he had to say. She knew nothing about him but his charm and wit pulled her in as well. He lifted her spirits and helped her through some of the toughest days and months of her struggle. My wife and I are better for his friendship and concern. His caring and crazy nature reached us through typed words on a computer screen and once we even had a "shocking" delivery in the mail. I can't stop myself from getting a huge smile each time I think of that day.

    I was planning a trip to Front Sight a few years ago to meet Bill and Rosemary in person, but sadly that never happened due to scheduling conflicts. Oh how I wish we were able to make that happen. It's funny to say you have a really great friend that you've never met but I'm proof that it is absolutely possible. Bill was my friend. I have the greatest respect for him. I'm devastated at the loss of him but I'm better for at least having known him the way I did.

    Bill, I'm gonna miss you buddy. I will never forget you.
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    Indeed, sometimes we do wait too long to meet personally a friend that we've made in our journey called life, and then that time comes when one of us isn't here on this earth anymore to fulfill that meeting.
    I didn't know him either, but his posts were always right on point. Condolences on the loss of your friend.

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    Thank you Phillip for this, Bebo was honored to call you friend. There are so many things I would like to say about the man who is my best friend and closest confidant...but words are failing me now. The hole in my heart is just too big.

    Rest easy dear Bebo.


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    I also never met Bill (Bebo) personally, but we shared many posts...we agreed, we disagreed, but at the end the entire forum came away with great information! I will miss his posts. The last post that I know he made (and I am probably wrong) was when he received his FFL. We shared many ideas about buying and selling firearms since I also have my FFL. Prayers to his family!
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