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Thread: Need Help

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    Hi All.
    I am new here and looking for some information on a pistol. I have a Fabrique National 9mm pistol. It has the same serial number on the slide,barrel and frame and starts with the 19XXXX it also has the Nazi eagle with WaA 140 on the frame, it also has the Nazi Eagle with the german emblem on clear grips as you can see in the photo.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me with this? The year it was built etc. I have tried to find information on it. I have found one but not in that serial range. Any help I could get will be greatly appreciated. It was given to me some time ago by family member but they did not know anything about it. I have attached a photo of it. This pistol also has the mag safety on it.

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    Hi ARGirl. I've move your post to an area where it will possibly get more notice. Summer is a pretty time for our folks, but hopefully someone here will be able to help!


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    Hey ARgurl, sorry I missed this post. Check out the info here. I have one and just finished researching it.
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