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Thread: Be True To Your (School) Gun Dealer

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    Quote Originally Posted by highjr View Post
    well, dern....apparently after looking it up online, that's a bow scope. (about an $80 value at that.) maybe i can trade it in to the local archery/gun shop who's got my XD .40sc on back order and wants ~$125 to make up the difference on trading in my XD 9sc.
    oh....and i had looked up the wrong scope. i've seen it anywhere from $125-180 online. i've got it listed on e-bay now...this may come out to be a cheap shotgun after all.

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    I have to be doing something wrong , but at least I am doing

    I never owned a .357 but have longed for one ever since I was in the Marines and a friend invited me to shoot his.
    So fast forward 37 years. . . I walk into a local shop just to kill an hour, (and get this, the wife is with me) and we slip just inside the door and to the left is the first glass case with old black powder pistols (the real reson I wanted to kill an hour) I looked over the black powder stuff and made my way past the regulars that were holding conversation with the owner, and then I spoted it, the apple of my eye was sittin in the case , wow pricey, a S&W .357 the tag was ink side up , yep 800, a double take and sure enough $800. After turning down about 4-5 offers from the owner to " anything you would like to see".. I finally meeked out a what is that one there ,is it a .357? The wife was playing along just fine. Then in an instant it was in my hand, there I was palming the 686-3 , 5" barrell, unfluted cylinder, stainless, with J.M. grips . What a beauty.

    Then the killer line from the owner, 150 will hold it for you , up to 90 days.
    Just 1 more payment of 200 and it will be my pride and joy....
    All of a sudden I feel like a kid again.

    See I'm doing my part - - - any body else???

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    EPILOG: On 9-1-09 I took this Springfield Armory Mil Spec .45 for a shake-down at the Rossi Gunnery Range and Ordinance Proving Grounds.

    It shot ok but I only ran 108 rounds through it. Most of the .45 work was with the Rock Island Armory 1911 A1, as it is one of the home protection guns. The rest of the stuff was 9mm.

    But..all of them must be cleaned, starting with the Mil Spec. Our military people would appreciate this weapon, sloppy barrel bushings and all and any vet from WWII on, would be right at home with it. A little smile and a trip down memory as I reassembled it, and took it down with my eyes closed just to see if I could still do it in the dark. (Some of that stuff you just never forget.)

    Anyway, I digress. Mixed emotions after I got inside. This is a new gun, in spite of it's 11-07 manufacture. There was barely Parkerized wear at the rails, and most of that was probably my shooting. But it was really gummed up with the manufacturer's lube, dried carbon and there was rust. RUST!! my friends.

    It's not like Kansas is some steaming, leech filled, snake infested jungle of some kind.....oh my, I apologize didn't mean to offend....they call those rain forests now with all PETA's little creatures populating the place....I must stop dropping into my Peter Sellers crippled Nazi Dr Strangelove model.

    I ought to find out where the guy lives who owned this and shoot him with his own gun for high crimes against firearm machinery. It looked to me like he threw 50 rounds through it and dumped it in a drawer.

    But, all is right now, and looking forward to many years of service.

    While we are on the subject of Mil Spec, one of the biggie gun 'ritters..Sweeny or Ayoub maybe, advised that "Mil Spec" is not the real story of mil spec weapons. Blueprints correct? Yes, but for a real "Mil Spec" weapon to truthfully carry that name, it must be made under the most trying of circumstances....Legions of interested Pentagon partys grab junkets to military manufacturers, peeking over their shoulders for half a day and fun time at the beach with a bimbo the other half.

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