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Thread: A Warrior's Heart

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    Default A Warrior's Heart

    by Anthony W. Busch

    As I awake from my slumber,
    My mind on my task,
    I don my armor,
    And walk the warrior's path.

    I am ready to fight;
    Not for glory or fame,
    And more importantly not to elevate my name.

    I do walk this path, each and every day,
    My life on the line and it's not for the pay.

    My task is hard and tears I have shed,
    For the horrors I've seen that are stuck in my head.

    But I make you this promise as I begin my quest:
    I will protect you and your family and even your guest.

    So close your eyes knowing I will do my best,
    And know without doubt, tonight you can safely rest.

    Please trust in your heart every word I have said.
    May I never betray your trust.
    I would rather be dead.

    For this is my charge and a promise I swore,
    Tonight is the night that I shall go to war.

    And if I should live to see this day end,
    I will rest my head and this pray again...

    LORD, watch over my sheep as now I must sleep,
    And forgive me my slumber,
    My promise I must keep!

    God, grant me this wish that when I awake,
    Today in their life a difference I will make.

    As I awake from my slumber,
    My mind on my task,

    I don my armor,

    Again today, I walk the warrior's path.

    ***Provided by Ltc (RET) Dave Grossman

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    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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