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Thread: Pop Question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coastie View Post
    An unknown at my 11 and a BG at my 12 o'clock? You could quickly move right, draw and start shooting at the 12 o'clock BG - why not shoot? - he was going to shoot you first!? As you move right, the person at 11 can't shoot because 12 o'clock's in his way now, so he can either cover 12 o'clock or ?? (Which will also tell you who 11 is a BG or cop, because what does he do? Cover 11 or support him?) depends how quick he is.
    If you'rer in the 7-11 near me there are aisles that you can get to where you have cover, and even the end of the counter area can provide you with cover! I am sure time will help you and 11 o'clock decide who's next. You can alway yell "POLICE" as well, and if questioned later on that topic just say you were yelling for the police!

    I see there's not enuf info about having a specific force-on-force forum for these threads?

    My daily carry gear: Concealment t-shirt - pistol and 4 mags, belt sheath with case and pepper spray; belt sheath with LED light; razor sharp Spyderco-type folding knife. Case with cel phone. Leatherman pocket tool in belt sheath.
    Great post, I have plans to add a forum just for this type of thread. To be honest, I have pushed it to the back burner with all the other things I have going on. I'll get on that though.:o
    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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    Scenerio #1 -
    What am I missing here?
    I have a definite BG at my 12 o'clock. He has a gun.
    I have an unknown at my 11 o'clock. He also has a gun and is pointing it at me!
    Given just those parameters, the guy at 11 o'clock is a much greater threat to me and I would take him out.
    There could be other factors that would change my decision, like -
    Is 11 o'clock farther away from me than 12 o'clock. That could explain why his aim is in my general direction.
    If 11 o'clock is closer to me than 12 o'clock, then he's a dead man, because he should be pointing his gun at the BG, not me.
    Too bad to find out after the fact that he's a cop.

    Again, am I missing something?
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