Sunday night I was checking my mom's and my sister's Spitfire OC pepper spray to make sure they were still ok. You do this by removing the spray canister from the dispenser and placing it in a bowl of water to see if it sinks or floats. Both sank as expected and had not passed their expiration date.

While removing the canister from one of the dispensers (the Spitfire has a replaceable canister as well as practice canisters) the palm of my hand pressed against the nozzel. This released a miniscule amount of spray into my palm. In addition to leaving a red stain, this tiny amount of spray caused me, my mom and sister to start coughing and our eyes to water. The effect was akin to eating a hot jalapeno pepper and having it linger in the back of the throat. My mom and sister recovered within a few minutes. Since I got the brunt of the spray it took a little longer.

The moral of this story is: Pepper spray works. I would not want to get a full blast in the face; and Use caution when checking your spray, which you should do periodically.

I really like the design of this product because it is ergonomic and easy to dispense. For more info: