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Thread: Why I Live In Colorado

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    Default Why I Live In Colorado

    Today the Wife, Daughter, and myself went on a lil trip to the Colorado Mountains to check out the fall colors.

    We were a little early. The orange colors havent quite matured, but here are two shots I took. They aren't great, and the shots look flat because of web colors and such, but it gives some of you who have never experienced Fall in Colorado an idea how lucky we are :)


    Come to Colorado for a vacation!!!!!!
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    Default Living in Colorado

    You are very lucky indeed. This past summer, my wife and I came out west and went to Yellowstone. We absolutely fell in love with the scenery. I could move out there real easy. We stayed in Cody, Wyoming and just loved it there.
    We plan on going back next summer.
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    Talking Nice pics

    Beautiful pics Zen. I'm hoping that we've had enough rain here to help the fall colors here in Tn. I'll have to post some pics in about a month. I loved the pic of the snow topped mountain, that may become the next wallpaper on my PC.:D
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    Zen, I grew up in Wyoming and lived in New Mexico, sure do miss the scenery. Beautiful pics for sure. BJ

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    Beautiful pics Zen. That's about as different from La. as anything can get.

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    Hey thanks guys :)

    BJ, we have a cabin in the mountains about 20 miles from the WY border. I try to spend as much time there as possible.

    I absolutely love it up there!
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    I lived in Steamboat Springs for about 10 years, loved it and hated to leave but it was the right thing to do at the time. I still have a lot of family in CO, beautiful country year a round....

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