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    Default Liberties In Peril

    Great Britain, for the last hundred years, the U.S.’s staunchest ally, is teetering on the brink of becoming one of our worst nightmares. Their recent actions of banning some of our countries’ more conservative individuals merely for the purpose of appeasing the Islamics is a good sign of where they are headed. The United Kingdom has the fastest growing Islamic population in the EU and that is saying something. Their liberal immigration practices of the last twenty-five years has created a mecca (no pun intended) for malcontents and those wanting the freedom of speech that they need to force their views on others. Some of the world’s most radical clerics now call Great Britain their home.

    The ultra liberal politicians in Britain’s Parliament are using this opportunity to pass new laws to create yet an even more liberal surrounding. The British have long been the sheep of the western world with their highly restrictive gun policies, dating back to 1824, and yet crime is skyrocketing throughout the country just as would be expected in a national gun-free zone. According to police statistics, gun related killings and injuries have jumped 400% in the last ten years, though most British political officials attempt to deny the fact. Even though handguns are virtually banned for citizens and most police, the criminal element seems to have little trouble acquiring guns to commit their crimes. Even shotguns require an expensive, yearly special license and have a 2 + 1 mandated maximum capacity along with a 24” minimum barrel length. A shotgun owner’s home is subject to inspection at any time by the authorities and improper gun storage can result in a minimum of five years in prison and an unlimited fine. You are not allowed to own a center-fire semi-auto or pump action rifle and being caught with one can lead to up to 10 years imprisonment. In Britain, this law usually only applies to the otherwise law abiding citizen as most crimes by criminals with guns are pled down to exclude the offense of gun possession as ten years for armed robbery is considered too strict by the liberal political arm. Even Britain’s own Olympic marksmen must go outside the country to train. Their pistol team does its training in Switzerland.

    The influence of the Middle-Eastern cultures in that country and the Parliament’s acquiescence to them is turning Great Britain into a very unreliable ally. Today, Muslim Sharia courts are officially a part of the UK law. The British people have been effectively muzzled and made innocuous over the last few decades and we are not far away from political pressure being applied by the British government to have the U.S. conform to their interpretation of what our own constitution should be. Not by chance, our current administration will welcome the influence with open arms. The pending international private arms treaties are just a start. There will be more to follow.

    But it’s not just Britain. Throughout Europe things are changing rapidly. There is a huge Muslim mass-migration taking place. In the last decade, entire Muslim neighborhoods have sprung up in areas that, just a few years ago, were occupied totally by the nation’s indigenous people. The former residents are often physically forced out of their own homes by muggings and non-Muslim women routinely hear “whore” chanted at them as they walk in their own neighborhoods. The birth-rate in these Islamic neighborhoods is often 400% of the national rate. In Amsterdam and other European cities, 75% of the children are born to Islamic parents.

    Virtually all of these EU countries have a form of “free speech”. It is one of the primary reasons for the Muslim migration. These same Muslims will not tolerate any criticism of Mohammed or of their religion but, at the same time, feel entitled to be openly slanderous of all other religions and any democratic form of government. Critics of the Muslim way of life are often beaten and even killed for their comments. These fanatics make no effort to assimilate into their adopted country’s culture. Their avowed purpose is to purge everything about them that does not conform to their dogmatic way of life.

    Most European people considered Islam a religion and, in a climate of tolerance, welcomed it. Islam has little to do with religion. It is about laying down an absolute way of life, dictating every phase of your actions and beliefs. It is totally incompatible with liberty, democracy or any form of republic. It is a structure of communism that is far beyond anything Stalin envisioned. Ironically, it appears that the only country on earth that recognizes this increasing threat is the world’s largest communist country, China. They are aggressively taking action against pseudo religious/political groups that seek to change their political fundamentals. The U.S. certainly does not yet recognize the problem.

    Our current President has implied on many occasions as to his preference for our country’s way of life. He was raised a Muslim and appears to completely indorse their totalitarian beliefs. It is where he would have this country go. Ironically, the radicals that got Obama elected and still actively support his ideology and beliefs are also going to be the first to suffer in an Islamic state. How long do you believe that vacuous supporters like our Hollywood crowd and entertainers would last in a Muslim theocracy? They would be the first to be taken to the Rose Bowl and dispatched with little ceremony. The welfare recipients and academia would quickly follow. Any non-believer who has ever had a part in our political process would be next, along with the unarmed citizens who choose not to join the jihad. Over 50% of his political base would suffer the most immediately if his aspirations were to become reality.

    Obama’s American born wife stated shortly after he was elected, “This is the first time that I have ever been proud of America.” That statement alone should be enough to tell this family to return to the fatherland. Let them spread their radical political ideology in Kenya. We do not want nor need an ayatollah Obama in this country.

    The above commentary is solely the opinion of the author and does not necessarily express the views held by ASD as a whole.
    If Obama is the answer, the question must have been really stupid!
    Official Certification: This is to warrant that the above post contains a minimum of 90% recycled words.

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    One of my cousins is a CPA and spent six months at a time in France working. She speaks fluent French, loves the country, culture, and said she and her husband would move there in a heartbeat except for one thing--she said two years ago that it would become a Muslim country, it was already underway...............
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    Great article, thanks for posting!
    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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    Thanks for that post, it was almost a harrowing experience reading it knowing where we are headed.
    R.I.P. Zachary, 6/19/95-10/25/12

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    I read an article the other day that Sweden has the most, and fastest growing immigration of Muslims in the EU, followed by the Brits.


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