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Thread: Tis the season

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    Exclamation Tis the season

    Hey guys, just a heads up to stay alert and try to stay in condition yellow. Try to stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you. I say this because just yesterday in broad daylight in downtown Huntington 3 thugs attacked a 61 year old lady and stole her purse. The BG's are out looking for a quick buck. Remember to warn your wives and kids also.
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    Mall and shopping center purse snatchings are always high this time of year. For all ladies that carry in their purse, be careful. Knuckleheads are looking for victims that is certain.
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    The front page of my local newspaper read 19 home invasions to date. I guess they couldn't get enough in the parking lots, they started coming in the houses.

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    This time of the year always seems to bring the sociopaths out. With the economic breakdown of society and all it entails, unemployment, etc., I think it will be worse. Always look under your car before you get into it when parked in a large lot. The BGs have been known to lay under the car and pull a person's legs out from under them.

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    Also if you go to multiple stores to shop, insure that your presents and other items in the vehicle can't be seen from the outside, or you may invite BGs to break a window to get at them.

    In Spokane we're warned that smash and grabs happen regularly from parked vehicles especially during the holdaze season. Luckily my SUV windows are naturally tinted so a person outside can't see inside, and we use a rollable tarp (standard in my SUV) to cover anything we have in the far back.

    Too many BGs out there, too lazy to work to have the nice things we have. So take care during your shopping trips and be safe. Keep your alert on and be ready!
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