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Thread: Anybody compete?

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    Default Anybody compete?

    I have been thinking about trying to compete in an ISPA or USPA type of competition shooting but have been a bit hesitant about it. Does anyone here a competitive shooter or have been involved in 3-gun shooting matches?

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    Wink Oh my.....a word of caution

    I do believe that competing is contagious and very addicting! First let me tell you that I have never attended a real competition ; however, some on the forum have given into this addiction. What happened to me is that I attended a three day NRA Instructor training this past weekend and several of the folks in the class (including the instructor) are competition shooters. At the end of the weekend we set up an IPSC and an IDPA course....oh my goodness, it was so much fun ......found out I am fairly good at it and have been fighting the competition bug ever since.

    Someone please help me there a 12 step program out there for shooters???

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    The only credible treatment for competition addiction is a three step process, 1)Shoot, 2)Reload, 3) Repeat.

    I have been shooitng IDPA for about ten years. I also shoot USPSA, Three-Gun, and Carbine. IDPA is the only group I am a member of and shoot registered matches with. The USPSA, 3-gun, and Carbine are just for fun. I have also shot some bowling pin matches.

    Of the disciplines I have shot in IDPA is probably the cheapest and easiest to compete in. You don't need specialized equipment or guns. Normal concealment gear is fine. USPSA and 3-gun will cost quite a bit more if you really get into it. Although I haven't shot in any of their matches, I believe that Glock Shooting Sports Federation matches are fairly inexpensive and limited to 50 rounds per match.

    The main thing to remember is that competition is not training. The shooting skills you develop will improve your shooting, but because of the rules of each game, they may not help keep you alive. Of the various games IDPA is probably the most geared towards CC and defensive shooting, however because it is a GAME many of the techniques used are not applicable to real world situations.

    You might want to order your Dillon now, you'll need it.
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    You might want to order your Dillon now, you'll need it.
    Yep, you nailed it. Get your Dillon now and be ready. Once you start you will NOT quit, it is very addicting and a lot of fun. Even on my worst day of shooting, I look forward to the next stage. The best thing about IDPA is it puts you under some kind of stress, weather it be decision making, the clock working against you, shooting on the move or moving targets, or just the mental stress you put on yourself, it gives you some idea of what you will do in a stressful situation. Lessens the surprise in a sorta twisted way of addiction. You will learn how to use your CCW gear quickly and reliably and maybe find a better way of doing it. Cuz time counts, in competition as well as the real world.
    The Dillon may cost you initially up front, but at the rate I reload and shoot, it paid for itself in 3 months of cost savings.

    Now that I have my AR, along with the Kimber and 870, looking forward to a 3 gun shoot to try it out.
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