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Thread: Kubaton keychains

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    Question Kubaton keychains

    Has anyone ever bought one of these for self-defense? I have no interest, I'll stick to a gun!

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    I have an assortment of weapons at my disposal. Pepper spray, knife, super bright flashlight, keys, martial art techniques (though I am not a black belt or anything close, just what I learned in my various jobs). I even have a kubaton. There may be a time when getting to your firearm is almost impossible. Other options should always be available. Never limit yourself to one option.

    I believe Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch says (paraphrasing here) a pistol's main purpose is to allow you to fight your way to a rifle. A kubaton might be the tool that lets you fight your way to your pistol.

    Also, lets say I am accosted by an aggressive vagrant. I can probably get away with using pepper spray or my flashlight to get out of his area. But I would not be justified in brandishing a firearm, much less shooting them. Even in Texas, which is pretty conservative and has the "castle doctrine" there is still a force escalation that must be met.

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    I have one of the Ninja keychain's. A friend of mine got it for me one year for Christmas. I have never used it but I have it put up in a drawer in the bedroom. I have to admit, the thing is wicked.
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    I have a kubaton (dejammer) designed by Massad Ayoob on my keychain. I have to agree with Sgt T, a kubaton may allow you just enough time and distance to get to your gun. It is better than nothing. I also have some martial arts training, so I can use my hands.
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    I had one, even went through the training class for it with the agency I was working for before I went into the Army in the early '80's. Nice piece of equipment, but I stopped carrying it when I went to the airport to fly somewhere in the late '80's and they told me I needed to put it in my check-in luggage because it was considered to be a "weapon".
    The training I went through to carry it was not difficult, but it was pretty brutal(or maybe it was just the instructor, he was a prick and I never did like his ***!), I had bruises on all of my pressure points and was sore for days, and I was much younger and was in really good shape when I went through this class.

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