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Thread: Just wanted to say Congrats!

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    Default Just wanted to say Congrats!

    Just wanted to say Congrats to Sgt.T on his new status as moderator here on ASD!!!

    I know that I for one have appreciated his many posts here. He has a wealth of information in him, and his background (from what we are privileged to know) makes him a great asset here at ASD.

    So, Sgt.T again, congrats- if you ever find yourself in Colorado- shoot me a note. Would love to sit down for a "eyeball" (that's ham radio geek speak) with ya, or even better take ya to shoot !!


    BTW> This is a lil late in coming, apologies- trying to catch up here. ;)
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    Ditto on what Zen said - Congrats!


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    Thank you for your kind words.
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    Me too! Good Job!

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