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    I would like to let all the instructors know that Mas Ayoob is having his LFI, now MAG (Massad Ayoob Group) class in Live Oak Florida in Oct/Nov/Dec. The Introductory course (LFI-1/MAG-40) is in Oct and is $800.00, but if you/your students register by July 1, the fee is reduced by $100.00. Myself and my wife have graduated from this class and it is EXTREMELY worth the money. After you graduate from the class, and if you get involved in a self defense shooting, Mas will appear in court for you as a technical expert witness for FREE. He charges $1500.00/day if you have not attend his course...that alone is worth the investment.
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    Well...I'm saving up for a wedding right now, BUT my fiancÚ has already told me that she'd be interested in doing a class once we get settled a bit
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