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Thread: Sheepdog Welcome to Nikki ...

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    Default Sheepdog Welcome to Nikki ...

    I would like you help me welcome Nikki Goeser to American sheepdog .. Nikki has just joined under the name BensWife76 ... I have posted some of Nikki and Bens story here and tried to keep you all advised of what Nikki has been doing to help promote 2nd amendment issues ...If you type in "Nikki Goeser" to the search space, you can read some of the threads where I talk about Nikki and her wonderful husband Ben and the work she has done over the past year ...
    Big American Sheepdog Welcome Nikki ...
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    Great to have you join us Nikki!

    I'm familiar with your story and I want to say that you are a strong and determined woman. You have looked the devil in the eye and not only stood tall through it all, you've fought back. I could only hope to have half your strength...

    I look forward to your posts and becoming a friend. Welcome again.

    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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    Welcome Nikki.

    As was the case with Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, I hope the lessons of your tragedy will open the eyes of the legislature. Sorry for your loss.
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    Its really cool to have you here!

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    Wink Glad to be here

    Thank You. Glad to be here

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    Welcome from Michigan, we look forward to hearing from you!
    Human beings understand and respect compassion, kindness, empathy, truth, fairness and logic.
    Predators respect strength

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    I'm glad you've joined this little group!!

    It's always good to get another sheepdog into the kennel.

    Sit. Stay.

    And if you see any of us drinking out of the toilet, whack us on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

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    Hi Nikki, it is wonderful to have you join us. As you may have noticed, some of us have a sense of humor which is a bit "off the wall', however, we are all good friends and this is a great place to come, relax and kick your feet up for a while or to bounce ideas around...there is never a loss of comment from this group. I do look forward to seeing you around the forum...can be a bit testosterone heavy here!



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