I am in a quandry and would like some feedback.

I have a Winchester model 1892 made in 1915, calibre 25-20 WCF, octagon barrel, in very good condition. A couple more years and it will have its 100th birthday.
The gun shoots awesome, I put maybe 25 rounds a year through it. I have had it for about 10 years, was given to me by my dad, he was given the gun by my grandfather I don't know its history before that. They both shot their first deer with it many many years ago.

From appearance, the gun may have spent a few years hanging over someone's mantel, it has a quite heavy coating of what appears to be shellac. One of the reasons it is in such good condition I believe.

I have been offered $3500 for it sight unseen, offered turned down. the gun is simply not for sale. I intend it to be passed down thru my kids to my grandkids.
This is the question....would you, if it were yours, restore it to new condition? Remove shellac and redo wood. The value is not important to me as the gun will NOT be sold for any reason.

I will try to get some pics.