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Thread: World's Largest Gun Show

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    Smile World's Largest Gun Show

    Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show - World's Largest Gun Show

    November 13, 14 • More than 4,100 Tables

    No, I don't work for them but I do like gun shows and this is the granddaddy of them all. There will be more firearms in one building (huge building) than you have ever seen before. If you hate crowds, this is probably not the place to be but if you love guns, it's hard to pass up. Dealers from nearly every state in the nation will be present. Anyone serious about attending should plan on attending both days as there is no way you can get through the exhibits in one day. You will be absolutely exhausted! If you want to attend, I would suggest making room reservations NOW! It's impossible to find a room within 50 miles of Tulsa on that weekend.

    As a note of interest, the web page ( for the November, 2010 show has been hit 372,412 as of today, August 13, 2010. Seems that quite a few folks are interested in gun shows.
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    Wow! That may be worth a trip to visit our neighbors to the north. Thanks Dan!



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    Does the floor get slick with all the drooling? One stop shopping at it's finest.
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    I was at Tulsa as a youngster so I know the area, but that gun show is legendary. It's like Sturgis for just haven't walked the walk until you go there.


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    I am going to plan a business trip top OKC that week...I am going to that Gun Show!
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