For those of you who are reloading enthusiasts, what calibres do you reload?

Personally, I reload .45ACP, 38 Special and 357 Mag, 44 Mag for handguns and 30-30, .223, 30-06 and 25-20WCF for long guns.

Just ordered a new toolhead, powder die, conversion kit and 3 die carbide set in 9mm for my Dillon, should be here in a few days. I have decided to go with poly coated bullets from Black Bullets instead of just cast lead. Will be able to load a little hotter with the poly coat over cast due to the reduction in leading with the poly.
Hopefully, by first of year can get what I need to load 380 auto and 7.62x39.
I received my swager for military brass a couple weeks ago, but haven't set it up yet....the thought of swaging over 7000 pieces of 223 brass is still just a bit daunting. Guess I will have to get busy though.