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    Default Coming Soon...

    Hello boys and girls...

    A few things I wanted to mention here. I will be updating the site sometime in the next week or so, possibly even this weekend. I will announce it before I do it but in case the notice is short I wanted give an advance notice now. To our newer members, if you come here and the site is down with a notice box displayed, it is not permanent. Some updates can take a few hours or only 30 minutes. This one will be big so expect a few hours.

    New Guns?

    I noticed members posting about new guns lately. If you're up to it, give your unbiased review of it and we will publish it to the online magazine.

    A new newsletter will also be coming out in the next week or so, so be sure to watch your email inbox. Last years poster of the year will be announced...

    Stay safe, Stay vigilant


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    Ive finished 90% of the major upgrade... Still some tweaks and cosmetic fixes left but my eyes are crossed. I'll start up again tomorrow.
    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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    I forgot to mention that Im working on getting a new Mobile style working for people that use touch screen phones. Its currently disabled in mobile detection but you can choose it in the selection box in the footer to see what it looks like. Its titled Mobile Style.... There are some bugs in its mobile application but it works on standard PC framework.
    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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    New mobile version looks really sweet. I will be seeing a Lot of it since I seem to do 90% of my posting on my iPhone now.

    I have added a few new guns in the past year and I will post some reviews soon.

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    Edited, erased, flushed etc... Uga

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIE001 View Post
    Edited, erased, flushed etc... Uga
    ...especially liked the 'flushed' part!



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