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Thread: Review: TLR-1s On Glock 19

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    Default Review: TLR-1s On Glock 19

    Review for TLR-1s (Strobe)

    I got my first tactical light for home defense. I was not sure where to put this review but decided to through one together for anyone that was interested, plus figured that it would bring outside users into the site.


    This thing is crazy bright! It is 160 lumens compared to its little brother the TLR-1 (not strobe) which is 135 lumens. I personally used to use a handheld flashlight that was 120 lumens and I put those two right up to each other and there is a huge difference in the brightness of the two. The light that it does put out is also awesome. It is extremely white, so when it is shined into someone’s eyes they seriously cannot see a thing!

    Strobe Feature:

    I have to say it works better than I thought it would. I thought that I was not going to be able to use my momentary light twice in a row but I was wrong. So to active this feature you push on the momentary light. Then bring it down just a little bit and then go right back to ON and it will now be in strobe mode. If you have the momentary light on you have 4 seconds to activate the strobe mode.

    If you are not a huge fan of the strobe feature, but just want the higher lumens on the TLR-1s then don’t worry they have thought of that. The strobe mode is ‘programmable’ which means that you can turn the feature off if you want.


    I do like that it is ambidextrous, but they went about this a very simple way. They use a lever that goes to both sides and the switch is in the middle of the device. This is a great way to go about it except for one small problem. If you push down on the right side then you will get momentary light on, if you push down on the left side then you are going to get always on. So if you switch sides you have to remember it is going to be opposite from the other side. When you are in the heat of the moment then these things I personally think are going to matter. Some practice and muscle memory should fix the problem, but just something to remember when buying.
    Something I do love is the fact that the controls are nice and large. I never have had a failure to control my light exactly how I wanted unless I got the controls mixed up. But that would be a personal problem, not a device fault.


    I will say for a compact gun it is a little big, but personally that is a good tradeoff for the brightness and large controls. I am always worried about not being able to find my controls in the dark and under pressure.

    For the most part the size of the light is fine, but don’t expect to fit it into a generic holster because it just isn’t going to work. I personally use magnet holsters so I can have easy access without having to worry about the gun hanging up. I will do a separate review on that holster.
    The batteries are lithium so they do not add much weight at all, but are a little pricey. Replacement batteries run about $5-$10 for the two needed, depending on where you get them.

    Factory Specs:

    -Powered by two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries with 10-year storage life
    -C4 LED with blinding beam (TLR-1: 135 lumens, TLR-1s 160 lumens) with optimum peripheral illumination – will not break or burn out!
    -Strobe model with user programmable strobe enable/disable
    -Up to 2.5 hr. Run Time
    -Rail grip clamp system securely attaches/detaches quickly and safely with no tools and without putting your hands in front of muzzle
    -Machined aluminum sealed construction with black anodized finish
    -Waterproof to one meter for one hour, dustproof
    -Ambidextrous momentary/steady on-off switch, Double tap of momentary paddle within 0.4 seconds activates strobe. (TLR-1s only)
    -Fast, adjustable, secure side mounting. Includes Rail Locating Keys for Glock style, 1913 Picatinny, S&W 99/TSW, and Beretta 90two
    -IPX7 rated design; waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
    -Weight: 4.18 oz.

    If anyone has any questions, concerns or corrections please feel free to shoot me a PM and I will take care of it.

    "If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words" (Unkown).

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    Great review! Thanks Shibmaster!!

    Congratulation have been published!!

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