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ASD - Smart Carry VS 3Speed holster - Tha Thrilla in ya Pants!! - The Original American Sheepdog!
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Thread: Smart Carry VS 3Speed holster - Tha Thrilla in ya Pants!!

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    Default Smart Carry VS 3Speed holster - Tha Thrilla in ya Pants!!

    We are gathered here today to witness a fight of epic proportions! In the blue corner, wearing the blue jean trunks, the reining champion of the crotch holsters, the repeller of sweat, known to some as Thunder Wear, Ladies and gentelman...The Denim Venom... Smart Carry!!!!


    And on my left, Fighting out of the red corner, wearing snazzy black pleather trunks with beige accents, the new contender hailing from the same state of Florida as his opponent, The 3Speed Holster!!!!


    The Champion, Smart carry has been fighting in this arena for years. He has defeated deep concealment fighters like the shoulder holster the ankle holster, and the Belly Band. He is by no means new to this game and though he has taken some blows over the years, I don't think he has ever had a fight like the one we are going to see tonight! I believe that unlike the champs previous victorys, this young upstart will really give him a run for his money.

    The reason the folks here are so excited is that this new challenger really seems to have a chance of dethroning the Smart carry because he is challenging the champ with some of his own tricks. The 3speed, like the champ, is a deep concealment holster employing a Velcro strap that hides under your pants. Both holsters allow you to completely conceal your gun below your beltline and yet have your weapon quick at hand when needed with a bit of practice. Yes ladies and gentlemen, no other contender has ever matched the champ so closely. Some critics have claimed that the young challenger is nothing but a copy cat and wont be able to keep up when the going gets tough.

    It is time for the weigh in. First the champ steps on the scale. He is light, He weighs almost nothing. The Champ raises his straps confidently and the crowd goes wild!

    Next comes the challenger. As he walks to the scale it is obvious that if he is in the same weight class as the champ, he is on the bigger end of it. The crowd is silent and breathless. Will this fight be over before it begins? Will the challenger be too heavy to even fight?

    The scale needle spins and stops...

    For another moment there is silence and then the crowd goes wild!!! The challenger raises his strap and nods confidently. True he is a bit heavier but only slightly so, in any case definitely light enough to continue with the fight!

    As the fighters make their way to the ring I would like to mention the trainers that these two own their ability's to. The Smart carry is trained by Charles W. Parrot, III. You can learn more about the Smart Carry and Mr. Parrot at The 3Speed is trained by Joe Roger. The Joe Roger gym can be found at

    The ref has explained the rules to the fighters and the fighters have nodded their understanding. They touch straps and prepare to start. The ref signals the beginning of the fight and the holsters square off and begin looking for openings. As they circle and trade small light jabs back and forth it becomes obvious that each fighter is only now realizing the skill of their opponent. This fight will not be as clean cut and easy as either fighter had hoped.

    Lets go to our reporters down by the ring. Reporting from the Smart Carry Corner, ASD administrator and founder, UGA.

    "I found the best way to put the holster on was to start with my pants at my knees. I would put the holster on back wards, over my shirt, to properly align the Velcro and then spin it around. After readjusting the tuck of my shirt, I would push the Velcro strap down and straighten it. After pulling
    up my pants, all that I had to do was a final shirt tuck adjustment. Placing the holster and strap over your shirt is important; the last thing you want is to grab a hand full shirt instead of the grip."

    Thanks UGA! When you put on the 3Speed holster you will notice their is one long strap and one short strap. This makes it possible to put the holster on forward instead of back wards as it fastens on your right side instead of behind your back. You can also just tuck the bottom of the semi rigid back plate into the top of your pants (with your pants up) and then fasten the strap much easier and quicker than the Smart Carry. BOOM!!! Ladies and gentlemen! The first real zinger of the night makes solid contact! The 3Speed was dancing back and forth raining small left jabs one after another on the Smart carry but the champ was fending them off easily. Just when the champ dropped his gloves and was winding up for
    a powerful blow, the challenger darted inside and delivered a stunning right uppercut that landed solidly. The champ stumbled back but kept his feet and had his defenses back up before the 3Speed could deliver any follow up attacks.

    The fighters both fall back into their rhythm and again start trying to find a hole in the others defense. Wait... Whats this? The fighters are both starting to prance funny and hold their selves. It seems like they need to use the restroom! lets go back down to our ring side reporters.

    In the 3Speed corner we have a new reporter, ASD member Shibmaster.

    "I do love being able to go to the bathroom, pull my holster up [to my chest] and knowing that I am not going to have any issues with someone spotting my pistol [under the stall wall]."

    Thanks Shibmaster! UGA, how is it looking in the Smart carry corner?

    "When it comes to restroom visits, an everyday occurrence, laughable even, but a reasonable thing to consider due to [the holsters] location. It is different, but not impossible. I would consider it... well awkward at first. For the guys, standing is not bad, but may I suggest using the stall...rather than an open urinal. You need to open the front of your pants to flip up the holster. This may draw attention. As for the other, only a little extra time is needed to reposition the Velcro strap and then tuck in your shirt."

    Thanks Guys! Well folks it seems that whether you are going #1 or #2, both of these fighters do a great job of keeping your gun off the floor and they both allow you to use the restroom with only slightly more time required than normal.

    Well the fighters are back in the ring, having relived themselves. The referee signals them to start and they both wearily approach one another.

    Lets go back to our reporters. UGA, how is the champ doing when it comes time to draw you weapon?

    "Drawing your handgun from the holster is simple, but something you should practice. By simply taking the thumb of your weak hand (non-shooting hand) and pulling outward enough to insert your strong hand, and sliding it down to grasp the grip of the handgun. Lift straight up to clear your clothing and you are in business."

    Thanks UGA! Shibmaster, can the challenger possibly compete with that kind of skill and drawing smoothness?

    " The [3Speeds] draw is amazing, the way he talks about a cone forming when your thumb goes into the holster is completely true! When you do this the guns retention is released and you will find your thumb in the exact right spot for pulling it out of the holster. I have never been a huge fan of carrying an extra mag with me and if I do then I put it into my left pocket. Now I have a holster that will hold both and I carry my extra mag almost all the time. I really like when I go for it with one hand I can
    easily pull it out in the correct direction and reload within seconds. I love the stiffness of the backplate! It still bends when you need it to and never seems to stab into my stomach, but when you draw it is perfect for keeping everything straight and sturdy.

    Something to remember, I can still draw quicker with my IWB holster but that is for two reasons. 1) I have been using it for about an year and experience is everything! 2) I do not have to pull my waist band out to get to my gun, so access is a lot quicker. That is a downside to deep concealment, but to me it is well worth the trade-off."

    Thanks Shibmaster!

    Wow! That last exchange was violent. Both holsters boast the capability to be drawn from quickly but the challenger, 3Speed, had a secret weapon with his proprietary draw cone that the Champ didn't see coming! The draw cone allows you to get a good solid grip, every time while sometimes the
    Smart carry gets in the way when drawing. No doubt with practice, the smart carry user could match the perfect 3Speed draw but the 3speed gets you a perfect draw the first time you use it! That was close but the Challenger seemed to come out looking more in control there. I think the 3speeds semi rigid, high backplate helped give him an edge there since it gives the wearer something positive to guide his hand directly to the grip of the gun. I have to say, though for some people the 3Speeds draw cone
    and back plate didn't give it the commanding lead we had expected, in this commentators opinion, no matter what the out come of this fight, the 3Speed has shown that it is made of the stuff it takes to be a champion!!

    Back in the ring the Fighters are putting on a good show and working up an incredible sweat! There is sweat streaming off them in waves! On close inspection it seems like both holsters have managed to keep their guns completely dry! This is outstanding folks! We really are witnessing an epic fight! I would have never dreamed that a holster kept in the pants could possible protect the gun from moisture so well. I have to point out though that while both fighters are doing a miracle job of protecting their firearms, the Smart Carry seems to not be bothered by the heat as much as the 3Speed. All that padding and the improved draw of the 3speed seems to be costing the fighter when it comes to temperature. Don't worry though, the Challenger is a professional and his added heat isn't crippling, it is just obvious that the champ is less fazed by the heat than the newcomer. Going back down to ringside, lets see how things are looking to our talented and good looking reporters!

    UGA, How does the Champ look?

    "I put it on and inserted my Para Ordnance Warthog .45 with a spare magazine. This handgun I thought would be a real test of its ability to conceal due to the thickness of the grip. 10+1 rounds of .45 stuffed into such a small frame tends to add weight and girth. I was immediately amazed at how well it handled the weight. The second thing that took me by surprise was how well it did in fact, disappear! Over the next few hours, I wore it around the house doing normal things. After a couple hours I'd found a couple issues of concern. Sitting down would cause the crotch of my pants to extend out, certainly giving away my secret. I also had an issue getting my big 'ole paw down the front of my pants to draw the weapon. I put on another pair of Denim jeans that were a size larger than what I normally wear. Bingo! Problem solved. The slight addition of more room, made the biggest difference. (I'm not a small guy, and have the love handles to prove it.) I was now satisfied with it, but I needed more time in the saddle to have a complete opinion.After wearing it for several months now, I have a complete opinion. I like it, and I use it! There is nothing like having a holster you don't like. This one is easy to like. Wearing pants or shorts a size or two larger, is certainly helpful. Let's face it; skin tight jeans are not going to suffice, even with a standard IWB holster. Pleated slacks and shorts also added to comfort and helped to conceal any "printing" issues. The lower you wear the Velcro straps across your buttocks, (about half way) the deeper the concealment and fit for comfort when sitting and driving. This holster does a great job of concealing. I've also carried a Walther PPK .380 in it with greater concealment and comfort. The Warthog is a thick weapon, but the Smart Carry doesn't seem to mind."

    Thanks UGA! Shibmaster, What can you tell us from the 3Speeds corner?

    "When I put the 3 speed holster on I notice that the strap that goes around my body is very easy to get perfectly adjusted to where you want. I'm sure it is just as easy/difficult as any other holster with an elastic built in belt. The gun seems to go right into the natural curve of my body, so I don't seem to even notice when it is in deep concealment. When I wear somewhat tight jeans you still cannot tell that I have a sub-compact gun in my pants. You would think that the holster being so large that it would
    show through some tighter wearing jeans or dress pants, but that thing hides so well! The Velcro strap that goes around your body (not the elastic part) can sometimes dig into my skin. A wear-in process might be needed, so do remember that. Also, I have a big stomach and sometimes the top of the
    holster will get me in the stomach, but with a quick readjustment seems to fix that issue.
    When it comes to concealment, as long as your are not wearing tight fitting cloths then no one will have any idea that you are carrying. If you sit sometimes it will poke at the bottom, but that only seems to happen with my tighter fitting jeans that I wear. Any of my cargo pants or dress pants you cannot even tell I have something in there. I'm sure this holster conceals just as well as any other deep concealment holster out there. The only thing I was worried about was the thicker material, but now that I have it
    I am not worried about it at all."

    Thanks Shibmaster!

    Well folks, it seems that when it comes to conceal-ability and comfort these two are neck in neck with only a few points here and there to differentiate between them. I couldn't help but notice that something to keep in mind with both of these holsters is that when you sit down you can draw some
    attention. Lets just say that your gun will often stick up at the barrel and make you seem more excited about your holster than you might like.




    Our excited warriors are still battling it out and the time limit for the fight is almost up. Both fighters seem determined to finish this before the bell and keep the judges out of it. They are swinging away with an unrelenting fury! The 3Speed is really putting on a show now! He is dancing and moving like we have never before seen! Watch him go! First he is a inside the pants holster, then he is pulled up and converted into an inside the waistband holster! Finally he pulls out the stops and the gun magically pops from deep concealment to inside the waistband! How does he do it you ask? The 3Speed holster has a hole in the bottom of the holster that allows the wearer to inconspicuously put his hand in his pocket and
    insert a finger into the hole. When you push up on the barrel with your finger the gun pops up into the waistband for a super quick draw. This is helpful if you are approached by a suspicious person or are entering into a dangerous area. You can bring the gun into easy reach without anyone around you knowing.

    The champ eyes the rapid movements of the newcomer unimpressed. When the moment is right he unleashes a punch that has fell many an opponent, the ability to be used by multiple handguns. And what a blow it is folks! The ability to use one holster for multiple guns is a powerful weapon for the
    Smart Carry! The challenger stumbles back, surprised but he quickly regains his composure and launches a new attack. This attack is the price attack. The 3Speed is far cheaper than other simpler custom fit holsters. It sells for $65.00!!! The crowd gasps at the horrible powerful blow that the Champ takes on the jaw. Even the Challenger pauses for a moment breathless...

    The crowd surges to their feet as the Champ, the legend, THE Smart Carry shakes his head, unfazed by the blow. the 3Speed is still standing there, guard down, amazed that one of his most powerful attacks has done no damage! The Champ steps forward and POW! He hits the 3Speed with his price tag of only $50.95!! 3Speed is stunned but he doesn't go down! Now it is The Smart Carry's turn to be stunned. The Challenger, shakes the cobwebs away and ducking under a half hearted swing from the champ he hits
    him square in the jaw with value! The 3Speed has more features and is constructed of far better materials. This makes the $15 dollar difference melt away into nothing. Both warriors fall away panting as the bell sounds, signaling the end of the fight.

    Despite both fighters best efforts the fight will go to the judges.

    The judges deliberate for what seems like an eternity, trying to decide
    which holster deserves their hard earned dollars.

    So, Judges...

    Whats it gonna be?

    Ringside Reporter UGA's commentary taken from UGA's review of the smart carry here:

    Ringside Reporter Shibmasters commentary taken from PM
    Thanks guys!!!
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    Decline, you have surpassed yourself with this one. WELL DONE!!


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    Most entertaining review I have ever read!!! I loved it. You also hit all the main points, and presented them perfectly.

    My favorite part was:
    "Going back down to ringside, lets see how things are looking to our talented and good looking reporters!" :)

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!

    "If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words" (Unkown).

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    Hope it is alright if I double post... :)

    My new smartcarry should be coming in later this week!

    Another Update!

    Also another update. I talked to Joe Roger the other day over at I was just giving him a few ideas about possible improvement that he could make. Here is what our conversation looked like.

    Improvement Idea: 1) Figure out how to make the strap that goes around your body to have some kind of cloth on it or something to make it so the Velcro can not touch your skin at all.

    His Answer: "It’s not an easy fix…I could put less Velcro and more elastic, but that would sacrifice the “hold on the body”. Too much elastic, and it moves around too much.
    Putting fabric on there is tricky, because if I cut it too close, and the fabric goes into the hook Velcro…it won’t get a full grasp…plus, the hook Velcro will tear the fabric up over time. I’ve even tried trimming the edges off the Velcro, but to no avail…it’s the same. I'm very open to ideas. I think this one is up to the Velcro company to improve. I've been meaning to call them (for wholesale buying)...I'll ask and see if they have something better. You'd be surprised, they are a very innovative company."

    So it seems like he has tried to resolve the issue, and now seems like he is going to see if Velcro can do anything for him.

    Improvement Idea: 2) Sometimes if I carry extra deep I notice that on the draw my hand can get caught on the back plate. So my suggestion was to make that back-plate a little larger.

    His Answer: "That’s something I noticed too, with some guns. I wasn’t sure if people would like a larger back plate…more material touching their body. It is a very easy fix. So lets try it. I’d like to make you another holster...completely free of course :) WIll ship on Monday."

    So I will post back and let you guys know how the new holster works out. It shipped Monday and should be getting it later this week.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'm sure he would be open to hearing them. Just shoot him an email
    "If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words" (Unkown).

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    So I am triple posting

    I received both my new smart carry and my updated 3 speed holster. I just wanted to give my quick thoughts on both.

    New 3 Speed - Joe added a lot more elastic to the belt going around my body which completely fixed the issue of the belt ridding up and digging into my back. Now if I am going for comfort I instantly reach for my 3 speed. When it comes to added material to the back of the holster it really seems to help on the draw. I have much more consistence draws with the holster now and never have issue with my hand getting caught. So both of my issues have been fixed and I talked to Joe today and he said that these changes are going to be going into all future holsters so that is good to hear!

    Smart Carry - I am amazed with this holster! I have noticed three upsides to this holster. You can use different guns, it conceals better when sitting, and will allow you to get more air down there. These are great upsides, but I have to say I have a couple downsides. The straps going around my body are very difficult to get on, and when they ride up they really dig into the skin. This is much worst than the first 3 speed holster I had. Also the draw is not 100% consistent because there is no backplate to help you from getting your hand caught.

    I love both and I use both for different situations. I would suggest either! Also something to note is that with the 3 speed I am able to get other guns into it just like the smart carry. So I would say if you get it made for your largest gun you should be able to use it with most of your other guns.

    Good luck with your holster purchases and you are on a long road to find that perfect holster!
    "If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words" (Unkown).

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    Thanks for the updates Shib. This is a fine example of the benefits of dealing with small companies. No offense to the bigger companies but a lot of them would have told you to like it or lump it. Smaller guys are far more eager to please as they have more riding on the word of mouth of every customer.

    Joe is a shining example of this and hopefully the folks on this forum will pass the word next time someone says they are looking for a deep concealment solution.

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    Default Threespeedholster idea

    I truly love my three speed holster.I have others that I use from time to time but always come back to the three speed. I LIVE IN CENTRAL Texas work outside....Heat is a issue and have found that the strap is sometimes uncomfortable without a undershirt, I tried something. I ordered small cast sleeve off of eBay.( the cloth sleeve they put on you before they apply the cast.Slid the strap through it a d worked really well whenever I don't wear a undershirt.Maybe this can help a little.THESE ARE GREAT HOLSTERS.I PLAN on giving reviews on the three speed,N82,Remora tuckable with clip,and a new one called ALIEN HOLSTER.

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