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Thread: The new rules of gun safety

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    Talking The new rules of gun safety

    These are the top 10 New Rules of Gun Safety as advocated by the Marine Corps.

    10-Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, such as at a hippie or communist.

    9-Dumb children may get a hold of your guns and shoot each other. If you have dumb children put them up for adoption to protect your guns.

    8-No matter how responsible he seems, NEVER give your gun to a monkey.

    7-If guns make you nervous, drink a bottle of whiskey before you go to the range.

    6-When unholstering your weapon it is customary to say; "Excuse me while I whip this out".

    5-Don't load your gun unless you are ready to shoot something, or are just feeling generally angry.

    4-If your gun misfires, never look down the barrel to inspect it. Have someone else do that for you.

    3-Never use your gun to pistol whip someone. That could mar the finish.

    2-No matter how excited you are about buying your first gun, do NOT run around yelling; "I HAVE A GUN! I HAVE A GUN!".

    1-Don't pi** me off!

    Hopefully you can memorize these and keep them close to your heart.

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    God Bless our Marines!
    #2 & #8 are my personal favorites!


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    Aint #3 the truth! Every blasted time I wind up having to break out the flitz or gun blue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decline View Post
    Aint #3 the truth! Every blasted time I wind up having to break out the flitz or gun blue.
    That's why the next gun I buy will be chrome plated.

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    Yep, #3 is a very important consideration. Why mess up a beautifully functioning and very attractive gun in general? I like the chrome idea for that reason!
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