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Thread: Spare mag carry method

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    I carry an extra mag for my EMP in my left front pocket. The only other thing I have in the pocket is a clip-on knife. The knife doesn't have anything on it that will intefere with the mag.

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    i just upgraded my ccw to a ruger p95. it came with 3 magazines and i found that the two spare mags fit in an old pocket holster(for a gun i no longer own) back to back. one side is cut a little lower than the other so i keep 147 gr defence loads in that and fmj in the other it is simple to grab the chosen mag by feel and it rides solidly in my left front pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countybob View Post
    i keep 147 gr defence loads in that and fmj in the other.
    I shoot a lot of 9mm hardball but for ccw purposes I keep hardball as far away as possible from myself and my self-defense carry pistols when I'm carrying in public. Like the Eveready Energizer Bunny, 9mm hardball has a tendency to keep going and going and going.

    For a FMJ profile that feeds flawlessly but is suitable for self-defense I like Corbon's Glaser PowRBall.

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    Default Hidden Agenda

    Here in Austin, Texas with the transplants from out of state, about 1 out of 2 people the Galco Hidden Agenda seems to make sense. The liberal elements would have a fit. However, now you can carry a planner anywhere, no harm, no fowl, and no stupid questions.

    In some parts of Texas, Austin included, concealed carry makes a world of common sense.

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    Believe me, I've tried everything; and there's no better place to carry either an extra magazine, a folding knife or tac light than in a sheath and on your belt.

    One thing I do to make life easier for myself is to frequently use paddle holsters, and Blade-Tech, easy on/off Tek-Lok clasps on my belt.

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    Not that I've ever needed it; but, I always carry an extra magazine or speedloader on the opposite side of my belt. When I'm carrying a revolver it's usually two speedloaders; and I carry them inside Matt Del Fatti's excellent fast-opening, 'split-the-belt' speedloader pouches. Revolver speedloaders should always be carried on the same side as, and immediately in front of the holstered revolver.

    (Not because I say so; but, because Jim Cirillo - who would have known - taught his students to carry their extra speedloaders in this way. This said: I've often carried my revolver reloads like this; and it works!)

    When I'm carrying a semi-automatic pistol (Which is most of the time, nowadays.) I carry an extended capacity magazine in a straight-up pouch on the opposite side from my pistol. I'm not concerned about, 'deep concealment'. I live in an open carry state where any cowboy has the legal right to expose his pistol to public view - Even in a federal Class I city like Philadelphia IF he, also, has a state-issued LCF card.

    What's most important to me is being able to reload my weapon as quickly as possible should the need ever arise. This requirement does, of course, rule out pocket or horizontal carry of all PRIMARY magazines. Which is not to say that I NEVER use magazine pocket carry. I do; but it's always done with a dual magazine POUCH that I use, strictly, for my secondary backup pistol. (A little 32 ACP pistol that I carry in a pocket holster inside either a front pants or outside jacket pocket: 3 magazines, 21 rounds, and 3 shots! Why do I consider this backup pistol to be essentially a three shot pistol? Because I have no illusions. What I MIGHT be able to do with one shot from a primary pistol I would only dare to attempt with an entire magazine from my relatively, 'soft shooting' little backup.)




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