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Thread: Flash mobs and random acts of violence.

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    Default Flash mobs and random acts of violence.

    Flash Mobs are groups of generally disaffected youth (thugs) who use technology such as text messaging to call for a group to assemble at a location with the intent of participating in criminal activity. The rioters in England relied heavily on technology to coordinate their actions. There have also been numerous incidents here in the US. In addition to flash mobs there has also been an increase in random acts of violence being committed by small "gangs*" of teenagers against whoever is in the area.

    In order to avoid being involved in either of these events a heightened level (color code) of awareness is required. The best course of action, I believe, would be to exit the area immediately if you suddenly saw a crowd gathering for no apparent reason. Or if you observed a group of youth suddenly move toward you that you go to condition orange and prepare to defend yourself.

    In another thread someone suggested shooting the perpetrators of these acts. In the case of looters, criminals who are taking advantage of some type of disaster or state of emergency, such as massive riots or hurricane, to steal from law abiding citizens, the rules of engagement are different. Flash mobs however aren't really looters. They are just criminals who use mass numbers (and the group mentality) to commit crimes. Generally, and the laws of each state or jurisdicition may vary, there must be three elements present before deadly force can be used; Intent, Opportunity, and Capability. You may have heard different but similar terms to describe these elements.

    Intent is the hardest of the three to determine. I know of no one who can read minds so we have to use observation of behavior to "determine" or establish intent. In order to use deadly force you need to determine that the VCAs intended to do something that would cause serious bodily harm or cause death to you or someone else. If a flash mob is trashing your store but doesn't have any weapons the use of deadly force might not be legal. With the exception of inside your home the use of deadly force to protect property is usually not legal. Now, if the mob suddenly starts moving to attack you then, due to disparity of force, deadly force might be legal.

    Obviously if you are in close proximity to a flash mob or youth "gang*" (*not a traditional steet gang) then the VCAs would have the Opportunity and Capability to seriously injure or kill you.

    Obviously awareness and avoidance are the best strategies to deal with these situations. However, with the increase in these type of crimes awareness and avoidance may not always be possible. Therefore you need to develop a contingency plan, just in case.
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    Sharp Awareness & Avoidance = Escape=Win.

    These skills are far more important than being armed. Having a gun won't save a person from DUMB actions and BAD tactics. Mob violence doesn't just instantly appear out of thin air. It forms from a gathering storm like a tornado. To avoid a tornado you must "read the sky" and stay aware of local news. The smart play is to move to safety when the severe thunderstorm first starts gathering overhead, and not waiting around until cows come flying by.

    SEE the storm gathering, error on the side of safety, escape the danger zone, and survive.

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    Flash mobs have been around for several years. They started as lighthearted fun. You can go on you tube and watch hours of people participating in flash mobs. The idea is that a large group of people agree, usually through social media like face book of twitter to be at a specific place at a specific time. They mill around and blend in with the crowd then upon some cue, either music, an air horn, or a mass text message they separate from the crowd and begin their preorganized purpose. There are many good ones out there. one group, i believe at Grand Central Station, al froze in place like someone hit the pause button on a video, leaving the unsuspecting people who were there, surrounded by frozen people. Here is a famous one, keep in mind that everyone participating knows what to do and when but the people around them are caught completely by surprise.

    What fun.

    Then the dregs of society realize they could use this for evil.

    heres a fun one- when the store owner tries to resist they return and trash the store

    Now it has moved from just robbery to racial assault.

    I couldn't find video of this one but it is disturbing:

    The very concept of a flash mob is that there is no build up. It is pre-planned and often strikes with NO WARNING. The people at the fair in the link above had no warning other than the fact they were at a fair and surrounded by people. How often do we find ourselves in this situation? Shopping? At an amusement park? At the movies?

    It is a good idea to keep your eyes open but also plan ahead. If a flash mob works correctly, there is no warning. You have to decide now what you will do then.

    for more research, go to Youtube and search: Flash mob, crime.

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