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Thread: Gun running sting gone wildly wrong

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    Exclamation Gun running sting gone wildly wrong

    Operation Fast and Furious was so badly conceived, so incompetently executed and so disastrous in its result that nobody in the federal government wants to take responsibility. So, in the way of all scandals, the trouble is in the continuing coverup.


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    Default Ban chicago politians ....

    The more I learn about operation fast and furious, the more I believe that it was not simply a government operation gone wild ... Logic tell me that the outcome of letting guns be purchased by people clearly shipping the guns to mexico is for guns to make it to mexico, they say the goal was to track the guns and if that were true .. ATF agents in mexico would have been advised and tracking could have been done in mexico with the assistance of the mexican authorities. Logic tells me that the goal was NOT to stop or to track the guns but rather to create a disaster in mexico so that gun control would be easier to obtain in the United States .. the proof of the logic is the fact that the first thing the federal government did was to demand thru ATF that all long arms be reported to them along border states and more proof is that there is a cover up of the true facts of the gun running operation by those in greatest power. Blame has been directed to the ATF (Melson). Beyond Melson, the program just seemed to self evolve with no knowledge of any high ranking supervisor. the current Administration is clearly criminally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and citizens in the United States as well. Holder seems to be doing the bidding of Obama, just in time for public support of UN resolution to limit second amendment and other gun related activity. I would propose that we pass a constituional amendment forbiding any more politicians from the chicago area ever being in national politics in the future ... new york either .. they simply can not be trusted with the constitution or tax money .. okay so that wont happen but you get the point.
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    This whole thing was deliberate. It was not about tracking gun sales. It was an attempt to create destruction and mayhem to be linked back to the Americans and their "wild west mentality". I feel the heart of it was an attempt to create news worthy mass killings and drug war murders for another run on the so called "assault weapons ban" which any idiot knows is a full auto military weapon and not a semi-auto rifle. We have already seen this administration blame the crime in Mexico on American gun freedom. The icing on the cake would have been the US being framed for it and adding fuel to an already out of control UN fire to impose a greater restriction on American gun ownership and rights. The stench of this stretches beyond our borders. Politics is a dirty word my friends, and only the innocent will pay the price for it.
    I posted this last month, I agree with you.
    It takes only seconds to call the police, waiting for them to arrive could take the rest of your life...

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