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Thread: How do I add a Video?

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    Question How do I add a Video?

    Click on the Video Directory in the Navigation Bar. Then select the category you would like to add a video to. (General, Caught on Tape, etc...) You should see an Add New Video button on the upper left and lower right of the video selection. Click it and a new page will appear.

    On services such as YouTube, beside the video you are watching, to the right you will see code for the URL or code to embed it. Copy the code to the URL, then paste the URL code of the video to the Video URL box on the page you opened to add a video. Then click Load Information and the forum will automatically get the required informaton including title, description, etc. The click save video and it will be added to the list of videos in that catagory.

    Most videos you see on the internet will give you the URL to copy, sometimes you may have to click on the "Share this Video" to access the information directly to that particular video. I did not write the code for this add-on, so there may be questions I can't answer right away, but ask me anyway if you have any problems.
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