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Thread: Is Al-awlaki a deep cover CIA agent??

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    Default Is Al-awlaki a deep cover CIA agent??

    I have a very strange Idea to suggest concerning the killing of the american muslim cleric Al-awlaki. I have no problem what so ever about the killiing of an american citizen being killed while in support of a sworn enemy of America.

    However the more I read about the deeds of this guy, the more I become sure that something is not at all right. His terrorist accomplishments seem to be taking responsibility for talking a moron into placing explosives in his underwear that did not blow up but rather burned family jewels. the next thing mentioned is being responsible for two copy machines being shipped by plane that failed to explode and were discovered long before they got anywhere near the United States and injured no one. The third things is that a muslim soldier listened to his preaching and shot a lot of other soldiers at fort Hood... seems Al-awlaki inspired the act but no proof that I have heard that he even knew it was going to happen.
    Seems to me that this cleric was a total screw up and not much a danger but given lots of publicity which seemed to be his claim to fame.

    I would pose this possible theoretical story .. suppose the U.S. intelligence community wanted to create a Al Quada affiliate, to train, and make him famous so that he can get close to the actual terrorists in the middle east.. in effect a spy to get close to the middle east terrorist organizations. Some time ago, I wrote how the intelligence community (CIA) would find muslims to pretend to be terrorist sympathizers to get information on the real terrorists in the middle east. What if Al-awlaki was a spy for the American intelligence community, made and promoted as a "real" terrorist and then killed with other terrorists after Obama authorizes the killing of yet another terrorist. this guy was pretty much a screw up as a terrorist, but received a lot of press time in the main stream media because he was an american citizen and encouraged attacking the United States. if he was as the press suggests then he got exactly what he had coming, but if he was a deep cover agent sent to get close the real terrorists in the middle east and made famous by press releases from the government for failed terrorist attempts .. then killed for political points to make Obama seem to be an effective terrorist hunter ..well then something is very wrong.
    This has just been on my mind, something does not seem right and I can not put my finger on it ..does anyone else have thoughts on this whole situation?
    I heard that after 9/11 this same guy Al-awlaki was invited to attend a meeting at the pentagon to discuss the perspective of the muslim community about the attacks.. dont know if that is true or not but it would sure be a great time to recruit this guy as an agent of the CIA if he was open to that prospect .. I just dont know what to make of this whole story?
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    That is way too complicated for me, Bebo. The older I get, the more simplistic my approach becomes. I'm positive that he was just a high ranking manager of the BATF handling affairs in the usual manner.
    If Obama is the answer, the question must have been really stupid!
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