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    Icon11 Hang Me High

    I can see it now... my effigy swinging in the breeze, hung from yonder tree. A sinister, gnarled face bent over a doll like image of myself, thrusting pins into it. My "Get Off My Lawn" avatar smashed beneath the spinning tires of a Wrangler with an overactive lift kit. My days are numbered. I can tell, but I can do nothing about it. It's just gotten to the point of un-muffled screams.

    By now you're probably asking yourself who pulled the wacko's chain. OK, I'll tell you. It's the 1911!

    The rebirth of a nearly forgotten symbol of our gun heritage is a refreshing thing. Thirty years ago, the 1911 was hardly a household name in firearms. Ownership was mostly relegated to military souvenirs from past conflicts. Then a few gun makers pulled out the design and reworked some of the issues and lo and behold we have the "new" 1911. This memorable year (2011) marks the 100th Anniversary of this venerable design and we have celebrated it to the inth degree. Can we move on now!

    Being an avid reader of most things gun has put my nerves on edge. For the last fourteen months, every publication on the street and every e-pub article has been re-reviewing the 1911. It has been the largest word-recycling in American history. Each of the articles say basically the same thing; a litany of praise that I will not get into here. My point is, how can a single publication "A" write nothing but reviews of the same firearm for well over a year now. At some time, enough is enough. I want my subscription money back. I received three monthly publications last week. All of them were dedicated primarily to the 1911. I'm tired of hearing about the "crisp, non-stacking 4.326# trigger pull." Where is the review of the Smuccer PFR in 9.72mm or the Galaxy 328 stainless? The only breath of fresh air was the completely reviewed Kimber Solo 9mm (a 1911 rework, by the way) back in the summer and, yes, I want one. The Solo even replaced the 1911 on a couple of the magazine covers!

    There is an ocean of great and not so great new handguns out there that we would all like to hear about. I've heard all I want to hear about the 1911 for now! I own a 1911 and love to shoot it but it is still my forth choice in my self-defense arsenal.

    Now if I can just get myself down off this soapbox... Dang, that first step is a doosie. Looks like wash day will be a little early this week.

    Happy Thanksgiving Gals and Guys!
    If Obama is the answer, the question must have been really stupid!
    Official Certification: This is to warrant that the above post contains a minimum of 90% recycled words.

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